July 30, 2021


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The Upcoming LCK Spring 2021 Schedule – Matches, Date, Time

LCK Spring 2021 Schedule

LCK Spring 2021 Schedule

Information about the LCK Spring 2021 schedule Korea League of Legends officially starts on ?? and ending in ??, the most loved and expected tournament lol 2021. Below are official schedule times and results each week for the promotion round, group stage, second leg, quarter-finals playoff, semifinals, and finals of the latest League of Legends season 10 LCK matches today.

The Group Stage LCK Spring 2021 Schedule

Teams and gamers ready for a new season 10 include: Afreeca Freecs, DAMWON Gaming, Gen.G, ⁠Nongshim RedForce, Hanwha Life Esports, DragonX, Fredit BRION, T1, KT Rolster, Liiv SANDBOX.

The LCK 2021 spring season officially starts on: June 17, runs for 10 weeks, and ends on August 23.

Week 1 – Week 5 – LCK Spring 2021 Schedule

Week 1

13/0115:00GEN vs KT 
18:00T1 vs HLE 
14/0115:00NS vs LSB 
18:00DRX vs AF 
15/0115:00BRO vs GEN 
18:00DK vs T1 
16/0115:00LSB vs KT 
18:00HLE vs DRX 
17/0115:00NS vs DK 
18:00AF vs BRO 

Week 2

20/0115:00LBS vs AF 
18:00DRX vs NS 
21/0115:00T1 vs GEN 
18:00DK vs BRO 
22/0115:00KT vs HLE 
18:00DRX vs LSB 
23/0115:00AF vs DK 
18:00BRO vs NS 
24/0115:00KT vs T1 
18:00GEN vs HLE 

Week 3

27/0115:00HLE vs BRO 
18:00DK vs GEN 
28/0115:00DRX vs KT 
18:00T1 vs LSB 
29/0115:00NS vs AF 
18:00DK vs HLE 
30/0115:00BRO vs DRX 
18:00LSB vs GEN 
31/0115:00AF vs T1 
18:00NS vs KT 

Week 4

03/0215:00T1 vs NS 
18:00GEN vs DRX 
04/0215:00HLE vs AF 
18:00BRO vs KT 
05/0215:00LSB vs DK 
18:00GEN vs NS 
06/0215:00T1 vs BRO 
18:00KT vs AF 
07/0215:00HLE vs LSB 
18:00DK vs DRX 

Week 5

17/0215:00KT vs DK 
18:00BRO vs LSB 
18/0215:00NS vs HLE 
18:00AF vs GEN 
19/0215:00DRX vs T1 
18:00KT vs BRO 
20/0215:00NS vs GEN 
18:00HLE vs DK 
21/0215:00AF vs DRX 
18:00LSB vs T1 

Week 6 – Week 10

Week 6

25/0215:00NS vs T1 
18:00DK vs LSB 
26/0215:00GEN vs BRO 
18:00AF vs KT 
27/0215:00DRX vs HLE 
18:00T1 vs DK 
28/0215:00GEN vs AF 
18:00LSB vs NS 

Week 7

04/0315:00KE vs DRX 
18:00BRO vs T1 
05/0315:00HLE vs NS 
18:00GEN vs LSB 
06/0315:00DK vs AF 
18:00T1 vs KT 
07/0315:00DRX vs BRO 
18:00HLE vs GEN 

Week 8

11/0315:00BRO vs DK 
18:00AF vs HLE 
12/0315:00KT vs LSB 
18:00NS vs DRX 
13/0315:00GEN vs T1 
18:00BRO vs AF 
14/0315:00LSB vs HLE 
18:00DK vs NS 

Week 9

18/0315:00GEN vs DK 
18:00HLE vs KT 
19/0315:00AF vs NS 
18:00T1 vs DRX 
20/0315:00LSB vs BRO 
18:00KT vs GEN 
21/0315:00DRX vs DK 
18:00T1 vs AF 

Week 10

25/0315:00BRO vs HLE 
18:00KT vs NS 
26/0315:00DRX vs GEN 
18:00AF vs LSB 
27/0315:00DK vs KT 
18:00NS vs BRO 
28/0315:00HLE vs T1 
18:00LSB vs DRX