July 31, 2021


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This is how you can play Among Us in CSGO

Among Us in

A popular game is still Among Us, and it seems that the game of deception and strategy has come full circle, appearing as a custom map inside CSGO.

Among Us in

Among Us is a spiritual successor to a popular Garry’s Mod mod called Trouble in Terrorist Town, where players have to figure out who is actually an imposter for one of their teammates before they can wipe out the entire team. 

Like CS:GO, Garry’s Mod is built on the Source engine, so it was only a matter of time before someone brought the Among Us and TTT gameplay to CS:GO.

Among Us game mode is masterfully done in CSGO

A rockin good time in the game mode, taking a queue from what makes Among Us and TTT popular and giving them a skin of CSGO. Hearing footsteps? After an early kill, maybe the imposter is legging it. Too pretty quiet? They’re probably in the vents.

Only Cybershoke.net, a third-party server provider in Europe, is available for the map and its custom gamemode. A bunch of different server setups are also available on the site, including deathmatch, bunnyhop, and KZ servers. 

Cybershoke also has servers for yet another classic mod called prop hunt, along with those that have a team of players turning into everyday objects to try to hide from another player who has to sniff them out.

Map in CSGO looks just like the real thing

The signature style of CS:GO meshes well with the map, made by CS:GO map maker 3X1s7 for the server provider. The map look well designed, although it is only playable on Cybershoke.

Using CS:GO’s updated lighting made available by Valve over the past several years, the ship from Among Us, named the “Skeld,” comes across well, and while complex, the scripts that make the map run don’t seem stuck on the fact that CS:GO came out almost ten years ago.

Originally, the gameplay of Among Us attracted fans late last year, where a sudden surge of players poured into the game. Originally released all the way back in 2018, due to its simple mechanics and its popularity among some of Twitch’s streamers, including pokimane, DrLupo, and Sweet Anita. Player counts for Among Us have soared.

While players will not be able to play the version of 3x1S7 unless they head to Cybershoke, the CS:GO Steam Workshop in Terrorist Town has more than a few distinct designs all made for Trouble.