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Thoma Genshin Impact – The Best Weapon for Him

Thoma Genshin Impact

If you have Thoma Genshin Impact, then you already know how powerful a Pyro user you have on your team. His weapon of choice is the Polearm, which he uses mercilessly. He is compatible with a wide range of Poles, which is great when your arsenal is limited, or if you’ve only just obtained Thoma and aren’t ready to fire a higher caliber weapon on him in front of a Pole user other gas.

Thoma Genshin Impact 2

The Kitain Cross Spear

The Kitain Cross Spear has a Recharge element for it, but its rules are more complicated than other weapons. After successfully casting an Elemental Skill on an opponent, you will lose three Energy, but your Energy will regenerate three every two seconds for the next six seconds and this will happen every ten seconds. So in a six-second time frame after using this you will get your depleted energy back three times.

Additionally, this bonus can trigger even when Thoma Genshin Impact is not on the field, increasing your Elemental Skill damage overall by six percent.

The Dragon’s Bane

Dragon’s Bane offers a very special bonus as it increases the damage you deal by 20% to any opponent affected by Hydro or Pyro. Since Thoma is a Pyro user, this is the ideal weapon to equip him with, especially if you want to make him the main DPS or form a Vapor Team around him.

You won’t get HP or Energy refills with Dragon’s Bane, though, so if you’re using it with Thoma to make him primary DPS, make sure to have a good healer on your teams – such as Noelle or Qiqi.

The Skyward Spine – Thoma Genshin Impact

Thoma Genshin Impact 1

The Skyward Spine is often high on the list of weapons for all Polearm users simply because it is an extremely effective weapon. Even among other five-star weapons, it has impressive stats, as the crit rate increased to 8% and basic attack speed increased to 12%.

Also beneficial is the 50% chance that basic attacks and stacks of attacks on the opponent must activate Vacuum Blade dealing 40% of attack damage in a small area of ​​effect, this can be triggered every two seconds.

The Engulfing Lightning

Equipping Thoma Lightning will increase his Attack Power and Mana Recharge, allowing him to use his Elemental Blasts more often. He will also handle enemies on the field better, especially when multiple enemies rush at him at once.

At max, Engulfing Lightning gives Thoma Genshin Impact a 110 percent ATK boost, which once again strengthens him in battle and makes him effective as team support or primary source of DPS.

The Staff Of Homa – Thoma Genshin Impact

Thoma Genshin Impact

Arguably the best Polearm of all Genshin Impact, you will find this weapon useful for most Polearm users. It increases HP by 20 percent, which is great, but very handy for Thoma.

It also provides an Attack bonus based on 0.8 percent of the owner’s HP, and if less than half, the Attack bonus increases by one percent of your character’s max HP – in this case Thomas.

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