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Heroes of the Storm: Thrall Talent Build Guide


Thrall is a tough Bruiser with phenomenal melee burst damage and a kit that gives his team powerful crowd control.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Thrall



  • Solid crowd control
  • Strong self-sustaining ability thanks to Frostwolf’s Recovery
  • Great impact in teamfights thanks to his Hero Abilities


  • Low mobility
  • Weak to kite
  • Poor waveclear

Talent Build of Thrall

Chain Lightning Build

Echo of the Elements (lv1) – Crash Lightning, Mana Tide (lv4), Ancestral Wrath (lv7), Earthquake (lv10) – Sundering, Frostwolf’s Grae (lv13), Thunderstorm (lv16), Earthen Shields (lv20) – Wind Rush

His Chain Lightning Build allows him to safely inflict piercing damage on enemy Heroes before the actual battle begins. Level 16 thunder adds to this style of play.

Choose this build when the opposing team takes damage from gossip because they don’t have a good Healer for that or they are completely missing one.

Feral Spirit Build

Echo of the Elements (lv1) – Crash Lightning – Rolling Thunder, Frostwolf Pack (lv4) – Mana Tide, Ancestral Wrath (lv7), Earthquake (lv10) – Sundering, Frostwolf’s Grae (lv13), Alpha Wolf (lv16), Earthen Shields (lv20) – Wind Rush

His Feral Spirit Build allows him to take down melee Heroes more easily with the help of Alpha Wolf at Level 16.

Choose this Build when enemy tanks cannot punish you in melee combat.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

His Earthquake coordinates really well with other powerful effect areas Skills benefit from Slowing connection with enemy Heroes (such as Jaina’s Ring of Frost), to deal extra damage. them (eg Fenix’s Purification Salvo) or to stop their retreat and engage them with powerful buffs for your team (eg Rehgar’s Bloodlust).

Countered by:

Thrall struggles against heroes who can fly kites (such as Lunara) due to his lack of mobility, even if he can overcome it by using his Hero’s Powers to fight. . Well-timed Blind effects (like Li Li’s Blinding Wind) are sure to annoy him, so try to play around them by keeping your Windfury while they’re debuffing you. Like most Heroes, he is also subjected to crowd control followed by explosive damage (eg Kael’thas).

Maps of Thrall


Due to his enduring self-reliance, Thrall stands out as being played as a Solo laner on the Map where the Role is more valuable than usual (ex: Braxis Holdout); however, he can also be played with 4 people using the Crash Lightning Build on the Map, where teamfights tend to be longer than usual (such as the Volskaya Foundry). Due to his low wave stat, he is average on the Map, where he usually takes a double-dip (like the Towers of Doom) but can make up for that thanks to the team’s combat prowess and he encounters on A map where he couldn’t benefit from the team’s combat prowess making up for that weakness (Tomb of the Spider Queen only).

Tips and Tricks

  • Chain Lightning can be used to take down enemy Heroes or to pierce them, especially valuable when they are transferring a Target.
  • Feral Spirit can be used on Minions to easily trigger healing from Frostwolf Resilience.
  • Windfury can be used as a closer gap or as an escape mechanism, in addition to dealing burst damage. If you want to use it for damage rather than use it, make sure Thrall doesn’t have any Blind effects on him.
  • The Earthquake pairs well with other Effects Abilities (such as Diablo’s Apocalypse), but also works as a powerful teamfight by refusing an enemy team’s retreat.
  • Sundering is your only tool to interrupt the Channeled Hero Ability (eg Li Li’s Jug 1,000 Cup).