April 19, 2021


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Tigreal Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Tigreal is the Tank hero of the Crowd Control, nicknamed Warrior of Dawn in Mobile Legends. Let’s learn how to play, build, Emblems, skills of Tigreal in the latest season.


Bio of Tigreal

On all fronts, our brave and resilient warrior, Tigreal is always the vanguard of the battle, never surrendering to any enemy. Even the most brutal, evil, and cruelest in the world must be afraid to challenge him because they realize that it is definitely a foolish decision to quickly find death on their own. He is a follower of the God of Light, carrying the blood of indomitable courage. The kingdom where he lived has bestowed on him the noble title War God of Light as a worthy reward for his quality and merits fighting to protect his people from his dark forces.

Skills of Tigreal

Passive: Fearless

With each attack will continuously increase armor and magic resistance for Tigreal. The effect stacks up to 5 times and will gradually increase with the hero level.

Skill 1: Attack Wave

He sends a slashing sword to the ground creating a shock wave in the targeted direction dealing 300 (+ 80%) physical damage to hit enemies and slowing movement speed by 65% ​​for 2 seconds.

Skill 2: Sacred Hammer

He will dash in the target direction and repel all enemies, dealing 0 (+ 100%) physical damage. Clicking on the 2nd attack to activate the 2nd attack knocks the victim up high while dealing 180 (+ 60%) additional physical damage.

Skill 3: Implosion

Tigreal will plunge the treasure sword straight to the ground to absorb and pull all surrounding enemies to kill themselves, dealing 270 (+ 130%) physical damage and stunning within 1.5 seconds. (Some items with this ability will have a transformation effect or punch heavily on the ground).

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Battle spells and Emblems

Battle spell:

Flicker – Petrify

Flicker and Petrify are the two most useful battle spells for Tigreal. When you are playing as a solo queue, use Flicker for a surprise gank or escape from a bad situation. If you are playing with friends and know your teammates will help you then use Petrify for extra magic damage and buy time for casting your ultimate properly.


  • Tank Emblem: Firmness – Fortress – Tenacity
  • Tank Emblem: Shield – Purity – Brave smite

How to build

  • Cursed Helmet + Rapid Boots + Bloodthirsty King + Dominance Ice + Oracle + Demon’s Advent
  • Cursed Helmet + Rapid Boots + Bloodthirsty King + Dominance Ice + Blade Armor + Bloodthirst King
  • Cursed Helmet + Blade of Despair + Blade of Heptaseas + Bloodthirsty King Dominance Ice + Brute Force Breastplate
  • Tough Bootds + Immortality + Guardian Helmet + Athena’s Shield + Dominance Ice/Antique Cuirass

Gameplay tips for Tigreal

Tigreal is a pure tank, so you have to help your carry (ADC/Assassin). If your team takes ADC then do the 1-2-2 rotation in bot-lane with your ADC, else support your carry (assassin) in mid lane (1-3-1).