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Tips and tactics for playing The Hero in SSBU



The hero from the legendary Dragon Quest series is the most recent DLC fighter to join the Super Smash Bros. list. This collection of warriors has been added along with the updated 4.0 roster, music from the Dragon Quest series, and the Yggdrasil themed stage from Dragon Quest XI.

Hero Specials


This will be your main focus area when playing as a Hero. Unless you’ve played a lot of Robin before choosing this character, you might be tempted to play a neutral game rather than overuse your special skills, but here’s how to use each ability.

It should be noted that all of these moves lose MP and can only be used if there is enough MP left in your bar to activate. If there is not enough MP left in your bar, the animation for the basic specials will still occur, but with no real effects.

Neutral (Frizz/Frizzle/Kafrizz)

Unlike other characters in the game, Neutral B of the Hero is rechargeable ammo that can deal massive damage if hit. The difference here is that it looks better like a zoning tool than some others.

Just touching it once will shoot Frizz, which is a faster attack, does less damage but still has some back attacks if it lands. Frizzle does a good bit of damage and can be set up to a number of subsequent combos depending on your opponent’s percentage.

What’s really great is the attack to freely cancel the fee at any time by shielding and keeping the fee the same. That allows you to easily fully charge without having to stay open for extended periods of time, like charging the Cloud Limit.

Hero Up (Woosh/Swoosh/Kaswoosh)

Recovery time! Woosh’s magical family activated with his Up B offers more ways to get him back on stage than most characters in the game.

Whoosh is a basic, one-touch version that acts as a way to get a second set of moves offstage. When you charge it to become a Swoosh, motion is also useful on stage, creating a wind that allows for both vertical and horizontal movement.

Hero Side (Zap/Zapple/Kazap)

Another great zoning tool, even the base Zap attack is great for controlling the opponent. Good for stopping down shots or simply poking at the shield, most of your usage will come from Zap and Zapple.

Kazap isn’t bad but costs a lot of MP for a move, currently, seems like a very situational ability to use in combos or if you want to call your opponent to do something over and over again.

Down (Command Selection)

When you use Down B, a menu displaying a random selection of four possibilities will appear on the character’s image in the bottom third of the screen. Those four moves are taken from a list of 21 moves, all with unique effects capable of turning the battle around completely.

The full list of moves should give you a better sense of how well this can make the pro-level character, but right off the bat, it offers coverage for a lot. match. The opportunities are still random, but there are quick ways to navigate through the menus – such as canceling the shield.

General tips


Even with his resources, the Hero doesn’t seem like a strong character. Similar to Mario’s gameplay, it is best to focus on groping with an aerial attack using an Up B variant to try and introduce opponents or force a more dangerous pick.

Continue to control the stage if you can. This character has a lot of options to throw out, so keeping your opponent guessing and defending while you have the advantage is key to a lot of matches.

Don’t depend too much on Down B. Those options in the command menu are great, but when you’re learning the character, you can swipe up and type something you don’t want to use. Mistakes are part of the increase, but there are other more reliable options as well.