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PUBG Mobile: Tips for Overcoming Fog, Effective Ways!


PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that has lots of challenges in the game. Even some maps have their own challenges, based on the theme of the map. Take for example Miramar map, which is full of compounds in open areas, and it is difficult to find a place to hide. We will discuss the problems commonly faced by PUBG Mobile players with the fog feature.


We usually encounter this fogfeature in the Sanhok and Erangel maps, but the majority will usually occur in map Sanhok. If you play on the 4 × 4 map, it usually rains in the middle of the game and after that the fogappears.

This fog was really unsettling for the players, because their vision was completely limited and there was almost nothing to see.

We will discuss how to deal with fog problems on several maps in PUBG Mobile.

Let’s take a look at the following!

How to Overcome Fog in PUBG Mobile

Indeed, in map Sanhok, it is only natural that fog is always annoying because the map is a tropical theme, where rain and fog are common.

This also provides a balance in the game so that players don’t die quickly, because the loot in map Sanhok is too good.

This fog in PUBG Mobile logically cannot be removed using any technique, but there are ways we can sharpen our eyesight.

Increase Brightness In Game


You can go to your settings, then set the in-game brightness to 80%. This is done so that the white light in the game is not too bright. Because the fog is white, therefore your vision can slightly penetrate the fog, even though it still looks thick. 

You can also change to movie style to darken the PUBG Mobile atmosphere a little.

Turn on Reading Mode, and Set Brightness. 

Not only in the game, the devices you use also affect the vision in this game.

Activate reading mode on your cell phone if there is one, and increase your device’s brightness above 50% or more. This is done so that your cell phone screen is not too dark, and the vision in the game can be much clearer.

Now with this, you can certainly see the enemies in PUBG Mobile when there is fog, at least adding a little visibility compared to the usual.

Those are the tips for overcoming fog in PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game! Stay tuned for more news and updates!