July 28, 2021


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Tips To Solve New Revive Mechanism of Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage Apex Legends

The remake of Mirage Apex Legends makes him a great Legend to resurrect in Season 5, but there are a few ways to combat it. Mirage’s new remake gives even greater control over his decoys. It’s not the only meaningful change to his set though. Mirage is now able to hide herself and her fallen allies in a series of respawns. Players are finding that Mirage’s positive resurgence is strong throughout the game. Here are some tips for making the best use of Mirage’s resurrection and how to combat it.

About Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage Apex Legends is currently one of the slickest Legends in the game. A good Mirage will use their bait to make you think twice about what’s going on. They are also a great tool for distracting enemies while you dive in and robe to revive an ally. Furthermore, early combat in drop zones is how Mirage can keep their team in the game.

But its best use is still the ability to confuse the heat of battle. Mirage’s singular and extreme decoder match the true Mirage action. During the heat of battle, this can become very confusing. When Mirage came to revive those who decoded her choreography, the act was similar. All of a sudden decoy was reviving. This can get confusing quite quickly.

Advice For Preventing Mirage Revive

Mirage Apex Legends

There are ways to counteract the powerful resurgence of Mirage Apex Legends that we haven’t noticed yet. The first big one is the Mirage mantle rather than the invisible.

Mirage and his defeated ally leave a rather subtle figure behind. The more time we spend interacting with Mirage’s new ability means we’ll naturally train our eyes to detect it. There is no other mechanism like this in the game. Therefore, it is not surprising that this mechanic is difficult to handle.

The second option is to pay more attention to defeated opponents. We now know the player Mirage looks for allies perished in the heat of battle. Paying more attention to the place of the Downed Legend is one way to challenge Mirage. The trick here is to use taken down allies against him.

You can always spray the general spot where a player was killed disappears. Throwing incendiary grenades to the target location is a good choice. Any combat text that shows up in that area means Mirage won’t be good (for you anyway). Mirage players caught in a cat will inevitably feel the risk of their action falling on them.

How about transmission?

There are also Legend options to choose from for dealing with Mirage. Caustic can is a good way to work if a robe revival is going on. A successful canister position will tick cloak opponents. That’s one way to find out where the revival is going.

Finally, Bloodhound’s show that the thermal signature can be helpful in the right situation. Beast of the Hunt exposes both of their positions by showing the resurgence going down in magenta. One thing to point out though is that Mirage’s bait also glows red. The trick is to look for a red pair, instead of a resurrection animation with no one below.

You can also try Gibraltar, Bangalore, or Caustic ult to flush the Mirage Apex Legends. While it does the trick, it can be a bit excessive and misuse of resources. But it’s your call to go away.

Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with some of Mirage’s tomfool features. Practice some of these tricks or memorize them when you find yourself staring at some illusions.