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TNC Predator vs T1 Prediction – Dota Pro Circuit Regular – 12/01

TNC Predator vs T1 Prediction

TNC Predator vs T1 Prediction

TNC Predator vs T1 prediction on December 01, 2021. Looking at the players, you can see that the positions of TNC Predator have lost quite a lot, the first of which is Carry players like YoungGod or yowe.

TNC Predator Overview

TNC Predator didn’t even make it through the first qualifying round of The International. They stumbled in the final match when they lost bitterly to Fnatic 2-3. 

Taking a break from July until recently, TNC Predator just returned in a small tournament, Mineski Master. But playing 3 matches, this team lost 2 and only won 1. Obviously, the performance of the TNC Predator has not immediately returned. As well as many fluctuations in the main lineup that make the possibility of failure in this match very high.

T1 Overview

T1 had a relatively easy match at Dota Pro Circuit when the opponent was only the TNC Predator. The team from Korea made a strong impression at The International recently. They passed the group stage and entered the third round of the bracket loss. Statistics of the last 10 matches of T1 are not bad when they won 6 and lost only 4 matches. It is clear that T1 can completely win overwhelmingly against TNC Predator who is in a bad form.

TNC Predator vs T1 Prediction

YoungGod’s jungle position is a big concern of TNC Predator when this player is just a young and inexperienced talent, looking at yowe’s position, it seems that he has more experience but ability laning is not so good, but farm money is quite slow. TNC Predator’s expectations may be on X1aOyU in the offlane, but this player alone is probably not enough to make a difference in this matchup.

In fact, in TNC Predator’s lineup, there is still a fairly hard product, which is PlayHard, but their remaining sp position is Febby. It does not play too well and the protection is not tight. That makes YoungGod always put in danger, this player inherently possesses low personal skills and lacks experience when the game is dragged to late. 

Both Xepher and Whitemon in the SP position of T1 will form a solid barrier for 23savage in the farmed jungle position. Creating advantage in the safe lane that opens early. Maybe Kuku in the offlane position is not too impressive, but this player has a lot of experience in buying time for his teammates to come to support. 

T1’s mid-laner Karl is considered to be able to crush yowe early with his good laning ability. Thereby continuously rolling 2 wings to support his teammates. T1’s ability to control the map as well as teamfights is also appreciated, helping them win important teamfights and bring back big goals.

TNC Predator vs T1 Bet Prediction

TNC Predator vs T1 total score prediction:

  • Game 1: TNC Predator 0-1 T1
  • Game 2: TNC Predator 0-1 T1

Total score 0-2 ( T1 wins the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: T1
  • Game 2: T1

Total kills:

  • Game 1: TNC Predator 14-28 T1 (Under)
  • Game 2: TNC Predator 21-37 T1 (Over)


T1: 23savage, Karl, Xepher, Kuku, Whitemon

TNC Predator: YoungGod, Febby, yowe,  X1aOyU, PlayHard