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Detailed Description Of Ways To Play Necrophos Dota 2



How many guides on how to play Necrophos Dota 2? Whether they play is as effective as you expect. Check out our following analysis on this topic!

How to play Necrophos Dota 2 according to the best position


Necrophos is known as a champion that can easily switch between different positions in the game. This general gives him a fighting style that mainly comes from causing death slowly. Depending on the style of play that gamers want to towards, he will have different attacks and defenses.

This champion inherits many advantages that players can freely take advantage of in the match. He is not limited in gameplay, so this champion is suitable for all positions in Dota 2. You can choose to sell Semi tanks for him to both strong and have the ability to cause high damage.

You can also choose to build this champion along the ganker line and maximize your lane reversing ability. Besides, Nuker is also a position quite suitable for his skill set.

Each position that the player chooses for this champion will suit a different way of dressing. The following analysis will mainly address his advantages and weaknesses. Players need to minimize these weaknesses and promote these advantages. Only then, the power that hidden within himself be fully unleashed.

Necrophos and the ultimate advantages inherent


When it comes to magic damage, Necrophos is a formidable man. He can deal massive magic damage at the end of the game. If you have enough items and the game is entering the final stage, he will become extremely badass. Taking advantage of this advantage will maximize the power of the above general. In addition, there are many other advantages that can be mentioned as follows:

Necrophos heartstopper will be the first advantage of this champion. This skill helps deal continuous damage to enemies within his range of attack. The damage is not too great, but thanks to the continuous release with fast cooldown speed. This skill will be the main damage point that you need to keep in mind when holding this hero.

His next skill is considered the parallel purpose he was created. He can both kill normal enemy teams and heal himself and his home team. This is a strong point if you choose to build a semi tank for him.

Bug ant skills for your opponent is under control for a long time. The enemy will have to think carefully about fighting with you while you are still util. You should keep util for emergencies to avoid a shutdown when missing this unique skill.

The main drawback

If there are advantages, this hero brings great weaknesses in his gameplay. You must be very careful not to be exploited by these opponents. The weaknesses include:

Rely too much on items that can be stored in your inventory. If you are a long-time player, you will also understand the laws of the development of champions. If your hero has a high innate stat, then rely on items to gain very little.

If the innate score is low, then the item you gain will greatly affect. He is also a champion based on items, if you don’t build enough items for him, you will become quite bad in the home team.

The fleeing skill is almost ineffective, you will need lots of combat support items. If the fighting fails, you can still preserve your life. Note that when facing other champions, Necrophos will become quite clunky when it comes to 1 vs 1 with the magic generals.

Like every champion built by other spells, he is also very slow. If the case was chased. The odds of you surviving in these cases are almost zero. However Ghost Shroud can help you escape death in a few lucky times. In large team fights you need to keep a safe position with champions with assassins if you do not want to end the game early.