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League of Legends: Everything you need to know to play top lane Kalista

Kalista champion

Kalista champion

Spear Cape gains slightly increased power on basic stats like armor and base health by Riot’s, she has only recently appeared in the top lane, so what changed in the updates facilitate for Kalista? In this article, we will learn how to play Kalista effectively. 


All abilities of Kalista 

Stabbing (Q): The main skill of drawing blood in the laning phase of Kalista. This is Kalista’s strongest skill at the present time with the ability to deal with extremely large damage and also very far range. This skill should be maximized when Tormented now doesn’t regenerate a lot of energy to you when finishing off minions.

Ghost of Detective (W): A somewhat harmless skill when not traveling with allies. You can not activate the passive of this skill when single lanes and the vision from ghosts is very easily destroyed by the opponent.

Torment (E): The skill that made Kalista a nightmare with very mutant damage. Because the equipment that Kalista is aiming for all focus on attack speed to accumulate torment as much as possible. Also thanks to the amount of blood drawn from the equipment, you will also be difficult to defeat if the kite cleverly, meaning there is more time to kill the spear.

Destiny Call (R): Should be used to bring a teammate into a team fight or to pull an assassin from the team. You should think carefully about who you will connect with right from the selection stage. When you associate with someone, there is no chance to do it again. Good advice to you, if you want to know how to play Kalista is the most effective, which is to wait until the middle of the match and see who will benefit the most from this.


Meta is constantly changing and has many melee champions in the top lane. That’s why Kalista became a hard counter for popular champions thanks to the skill set. The intrinsic mobility and damage from the spears make it difficult for ADC to come along. Unless he immediately kills Kalista’s death or collapses blood out of her reach.

The most popular top picks are Aatrox, Darius, Mordekasier, Ornn, and Sett. Most are melee champions with almost no way to defeat a champion capable of flying kites. While facing a lot of difficulties in the bot lane, Kalista gained more in the top lane. When it was easy to farm and avoid confrontation with strong champions like Aphelios, Senna, Nautilus, or Leona.


There are many ways to choose the pearl table for Kalista, but this is the most popular pearl table currently. The Overpowering Branch allows Kalista to deal tons of damage through the Rain of Sword. The Blood Taste and the Greedy Hunter help Kalista gain recovery and survive her journey. 


These are must-have items in every match, Rage Shoes make it easy to fly kites as well as increase attack speed. The Blade of the Anonymous King combines well with the ability to fly kites and accumulate spears on the enemy in a great way. This is also the best equipment to destroy the tank bear. Also, Blood Saber is suitable for pushing retail, invest in this equipment if you want to push the strongest. Also helps you to be stronger in the 1v1 phase.

Besides, there are some extra items such as In addition to Rage Shoes, Ruunan Rage, Phantom Dancer to be able to increase the damage as well as increase the power.