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TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 11/03

TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction

TOOBASED vs Hokori prediction on November 03, 2021. Possessing a lineup with many strong names like iAnnihilate in mid lane or Benjaz in sp position. The results they brought were not what simply TOOBASED’s BHL expected.


TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction

Difficulties are waiting for simply TOOBASED when this round has to face Hokori, who finished 4th in season 8, there is a high chance that simply TOOBASED will have to continue to lose quickly. They have played 3 matches this season and the results are not very good when the only gain is 1 draw and 2 defeats. So in a Bo2 that requires a lot of concentration, it is very difficult for simply TOOBASED to win even 1 winning game in this match.

Hokori Overview

TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction

Hokori is also having a bad start in BTS Pro Series season 9 in the Americas, they received two consecutive defeats against better-performing names such as Infamous and Thunder Predator. However, looking at the schedule ahead, things have started to become easier for Hokori. In the past, they have also clashed simply TOOBASED once and won by 2-0 so they repeated that in the match. This match is not difficult.

TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction

The squad of simply TOOBASED plays without connection. Most of them want to use their individual skills. Their combination ability is still too bad when the appearance of. The new member is Benz. That creates a weakness in the safe lane of simply TOOBASED. As he doesn’t form enough bonds with Boris while EmpyreaN has bad protection.

Unlike rival Hokori, who also includes new people, but they have bonded together through 2 special tournaments. Especially BTS Pro Series season 8 before, so the harmony is there. It’s a bit of a loss in the mid-lane when 4nalog doesn’t have a good laning ability. It causes him to be overpowered in the early game. However, in return Hokori has a quality jungler, RdO-, he puts pressure on every lane with his excellent laning ability moreover, his contribution to the team is also huge. 

TOOBASED vs Hokori Prediction

As mentioned above, the connection of simply TOOBASED between the members is very poor. It makes it easy for them to fall into the odd catch phase of the opponent. At the beginning of the game, there may be some early kills for simply TOOBASED. But in the middle of the game, that gap will be flattened by Hokori. 

Even with the current performance, experts believe that simply TOOBASED will be counter-ganked at the beginning. Hokori is a team that tends to prolong the game but is ready to snowball any time when having a chance. From the above reasons, a victory is expected for Hokori in this match, the final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Hokori.

TOOBASED vs Hokori Bet Prediction

TOOBASED vs Hokori total score prediction:

  • simply TOOBASED 0-1 Hokori
  • simply TOOBASED 0-1 Hokori

Total score 0-2 ( Hokori  handicap win 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: simply TOOBASED
  • Game 2: Hokori

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: simply TOOBASED 15-34 Hokori (Under)
  • Game 2: simply TOOBASED 25-39 Hokori (Over)


Simply TOOBASED: Boris, Benjaz, iAnnihilate,  monkeys-forever, EmpyreaN

Hokori: RdO-, Gardick, 4nalog,  Vitaly, elmisho