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Top 3 Best Anime Fighting Games To Play In 2021

Anime Fighting Games

Anime Fighting Games

There is never a shortage of any fighting game released on the market and active with players. However, if you’re specifically looking for anime fighting games then you’ll still find a number of additional new releases coming out every year. With 2021, there are a number of games we hope to release this year, but those that just want to try something new and might find it quite interesting right now can return to some of the titles that have previously released.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – anime fighting games

Anime Fighting Games

The BlazBlue franchise is one that has been around for quite some time and it has a huge fanbase so each new installment is usually accompanied by a large fanbase that quickly jumps into the latest game. 

Currently, one of the newest installments of Blazblue is BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle which features 2v2 combat. Similar to that gameplay setup, players can tag with their additional warriors to continue the match as needed. Although when a character runs out of HP, you will automatically switch to characters.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was developed by Arc System Works and released in 2018 where you get skins from a number of different IPs, so you don’t have to deal specifically with characters from just BlazBlue. Instead, you’ll find characters from Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY, Arcana Heart, Senran Kagura, and finally Akatsuki Blitzkampf. 

The plot is what you would expect, the universes are in conflict with each other and now the characters are battling it out in hopes of returning safely to their homes.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Anime Fighting Games

One Piece is a pretty popular anime series that has been around for a while and its fan base continues to grow. It’s one of those anime fighting games that recaps the plot in the campaign as you make your way through tough battles whether it’s swarms of enemies in a rush of attacks or in boss battles.

If you haven’t played the previous games then you’ll find that this is a similar game to a game like Dynasty Warriors, where there’s a lot of flashy animations and cutscenes for still images to help transition the plot.

With that said, it’s hard to capture everything from One Piece in this 15-hour campaign, so will miss some arcs along the way. Once you complete the single-player campaign, there are online PvP game modes here so you can have a few competitive matches in the game against other fans of the franchise or friends.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – anime fighting games

Anime Fighting Games

There is never a shortage of Dragon Ball Z video game titles, and one of the recent releases that have attracted fans into competitive matches is Dragon Ball FighterZ. This is another title developed by Arc System Works, who have made a name for themselves when it comes to the fighting video game genre. You have a narrative in which you are following the newly revived Android 16 and his army of androids are replicas of the iconic warriors from the franchise.

Overall, this is a very solid 2.5D combat play experience. It can be easily appealing to newbies but also provides a solid challenge for those looking to master their skills. This may not be the latest installment of the franchise when it comes to anime fighting games, but you’ll still find an active community spending time watching various online matches.