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Top 3 Best Cyberpunk Games To Play In 2021

Best Cyberpunk Games

Best Cyberpunk Games

Cyberpunk games have been around for a long time. There are many great games that are worth playing and over the years we continue to find new games hitting the market. In this list, we will highlight some best cyberpunk games that we think are worth playing today. We will feature games from both the current release and some popular games from previous years. Regardless of when these games hit the market, here are some titles you might want to consider this year.

Shadowrun Returns – best Cyberpunk games

Best Cyberpunk Games

Shadowrun is on of the old best cyberpunk games when it came out in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, however, we received an overhaul in 2013 with Shadowrun Returns. It’s a slightly interesting concept that almost works like Cyberpunk 2077. 

In this world your one mercenary takes on different jobs to keep himself alive, but here’s the difference. is cyberpunk mixed with fantasy as magic has pervaded the world. Find new creatures and create a new mess for the world to deal with.

This is a strategy game where you will need to plan your attack and work your way through level layouts without attracting too much attention. Meanwhile, you will encounter a lot of NPCs and it will trigger some dialogue options. If you enjoyed the game, then a couple of installments were released, opening a trilogy.

State of Mind – best Cyberpunk games

Best Cyberpunk Games

Another game that focuses a bit on transhumanism is State of Mind, a game from the developer team Daedalic Entertainment. As you might expect, this is a narrative-driven game, set in the year 2048. The world is increasingly reliant on advanced AI and robots to handle our needs or resources. .

While many are quickly embracing this move to a new digital paradise. One person unwilling to accept this new norm, however, is our protagonist Richard Nolan, a journalist who was quick to write down his criticisms of the move.

After waking up from an explosion with his wife and child missing, Richard Nolan sets out to unravel a grand conspiracy. For the player, this is a more adventurous game as you explore areas, interact with the environment, and dialogue with characters to progress the story.

Detroit: Become Human

Best Cyberpunk Games

Finally, another game we recommend trying on this best Cyberpunk games list is Detroit: Become Human. This is the latest game from developer Quantic Dream, the guys behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In this title, we are transported into a future where humanity has created extremely advanced AI to make our lives easier. There’s an Android for every need.

However, in this game we see that some androids have started to achieve their free will and here we will follow some of these androids as they progress through their daily routine or start drift as you please. A big part of this game is making choices that will change the story and it will lead to multiple endings. While you’re choosing, there’s plenty of exploration, interacting with characters, environments, and QTEs.