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Top 3 Best DC Comics Video Games To Try

DC Comics Video Games

DC Comics Video Games

If you’re after some fun games to play in the DC Comics universe then we have a list for you. In this list, we will highlight the best DC Comics video games that you can pick and enjoy right now. With that said, there’s a ton of new games being made for the DC Comics franchise that we can’t wait to get our hands-on. For example, we have Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, although neither of those games is scheduled to hit the market until next year, 2022.

The Wolf Among Us – DC Comics video games

DC Comics Video Games

One game you may not know is based on DC Comics is The Wolf Among Us. The development studio at Telltale Games was pretty great at delivering modern adventure titles before they closed the store. While most will probably know the studio for their work on The Walking Dead, they delivered another huge hit with the latter, The Wolf Among Us. 

Based on a series of fables published through the DC Comics Vertigo division, players following the plot find fairy tale and folklore characters trying to live in the real world. Players are stepping into the role of Bigby Wolf, also known by another name, Big Bad Wolf. When one of the characters in the fable is mysteriously murdered, Bigby must find out who is responsible and keep the real detectives from stumbling into this makeshift fairy town. 

It is an episodic adventure game with the player traversing different areas to investigate, interview characters, complete a series of QTEs while making choices that will dictate the plot. Although there’s only been one season in this game so far, Telltale Games has been pulled from the grave and it’s coming up with a sequel slated to release shortly.

Batman Arkham Series

DC Comics Video Games

Easily one of the iconic DC Comics video games on this list is the Batman Arkham franchise from Rocksteady Studios. This development team only shows how to make a video game about Batman. 

Completing everything, the player receives Batman Arkham Asylum in which Batman delivers the Joker to Arkham Asylum. In the process, however, the Joker escaped, trapping Batman in the building and unleashing a series of his iconic opponents. 

The player is now forced to traverse the refugee camp, defend the structures, and defeat the enemies scattered around the area. Fortunately, Batman has a wide variety of gadgets along with high martial arts skills. 

Players can quickly drop into a group of thugs, unleash a barrage of attacks, quickly counter-attack or block, and instantly retreat into the shadows. Basic mechanics have made their way in other installments from Rocksteady Studios. It’s even worth diving into all the games not only for the narrative but also for the new additions that are included.

Injustice Series – DC Comics video games

DC Comics Video Games

It should come as no surprise that the developers behind the Mortal Kombat video game franchise will create one of the pretty awesome fighting DC Comics video games

NetherRealm Studios released Injustice: God’s Among Us in 2013 and it came with a plot twist to go through. In the story, the player will travel through a world where the Joker tricked Superman into killing his beloved teammate Louis Lane. 

Enraged, the superhero Superman turns the world into a strict regime. Now the player is going through a battle to end the tyranny. If you’ve played the more recent Mortal Kombat video game titles then you know what to expect here. There are many brutal battles, special moves, and various levels to fight inside. As you can imagine, the list is full of iconic characters of the DC Comics universe to battle with.