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Top 3 Best Game Controllers For PC To Try

Game Controllers For PC

Game Controllers For PC

Sometimes you want to use a controller on your PC for your game playing purposes. You probably don’t play competitive shooters so you don’t need a mouse. Having something like a controller would give players the ability to sit back and enjoy the game without going directly to the screen. So in this list, we will highlight some of the best game controllers for PC that might be worth picking up. We don’t rank these controllers in any particular order because they can be quite pricey with features. 

SteelSeries Stratus Duo – game controllers for PC

Game Controllers For PC

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is one of the game controllers for PC released to be something you can use for PC gaming. It is shaped a bit like an Xbox controller but the analog sticks are aligned like a PlayStation controller. 

Likewise, the connection process is quite accessible as you are provided with a protective device to wirelessly connect the controller or you can connect the controller via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, if you want a wired connection, that connection is also available with USB. 

SteelSeries Stratus Duo has all the standard buttons you would expect from a modern controller. This controller comes with a rechargeable battery. The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is also something made for use with other devices as well as the line of Android smartphones. This is the tricky thing you can get with this game controller. 

There’s no haptic feedback available, so if it’s a deal-breaker and you’re after something dedicated to PC gaming this might be something to avoid. However, if you think gaming on your Android device might also be of interest, this controller might be worth $60.

Razer Wolverine V2 – game controllers for PC

Game Controllers For PC

Razer has been around for a long time, and they offer some solid products. One of the game console lineups they did was Wolverine which they currently have Wolverine V2. This is a wired controller made for Xbox Series X but of course, it can also connect to your PC. 

This controller has everything you’d expect from a standard Xbox controller, but like the Elite series, there are some nice little extras. For example, there are hair triggers that can give the player an advantage in reducing the movement of your triggers before they are registered.

Unfortunately, those buttons aren’t directly on the back of the controller, which should make some inputs a bit more manageable. However, unlike the Xbox Elite line of controllers, this one is a bit cheaper at around $100.

PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller

Game Controllers For PC

PowerA has been around since 2010 and they offer various hardware gaming accessories. However, you may be more familiar with them by their line of controllers. The company already offers a number of different controllers for console platforms, for this list, we’ll stick with the PowerA enhanced Xbox controller. 

It’s a wired controller that mimics the Xbox line of controllers and is available in quite a few different color schemes. If you go online now or go to a local retailer near you you will most likely find these available. Whether it is a designer controller or just a copper controller color. There’s also the added benefit of the back buttons for the latest PowerA enhanced Xbox models that can be programmed, a bit like the Elite controller analog buttons. 

Likewise, the cord is detachable, so if you’re not using the controller and want to see the cord go up without fraying or twisting it’s a great benefit. If by chance the cord is no longer working, you can easily replace it without having to replace your entire controller. 

There’s also vibration here which is also a plus, but the biggest standout in my opinion when it comes to these controllers is the price. These game controllers for PC are typically found anywhere from $20 to $30, so it’s inexpensive and very accessible both online and at retailers.