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Top 3 Best Kid-Friendly Co-op Games For Your Child

Kid-Friendly Co-op

Kid-Friendly Co-op

If you have young children there may be a good collection of games that you have spent playing by yourself. However, for those of you with kids who love to play video games and want a co-op experience, there are plenty of titles we can recommend. In this list, we’ll highlight some of the best kid-friendly co-op games rated E to T. Of course, you’ll want to take a look at each title to see if it’s right for your child, but we’ve tried to stick with games that are a bit more fun and easy to grasp. With that said, this video games list is not in any particular order.

BattleBlock Theater – kid-friendly co-op

Kid-Friendly Co-op

BattleBlock Theater comes from the development team The Behemoth, who you may be familiar with from Castle Crashers. In this kid-friendly co-op game, the player is following a group of friends on an adventure out to the open sea when suddenly a storm appears and throws the ship into an island ruled by cats. 

Now, with the party taking residents as prisoners, players are forced to go through maze-like levels on brutal platforms for the pleasure of the cat lord. It’s a quirky game with lots of jokes and cartoon violence. You’ll watch your characters explode, get knocked down, or get devoured in different hilarious ways. However, you will find that this is a PC or Xbox game.

Unravel Two – kid-friendly co-op

Kid-Friendly Co-op

Unravel was released in 2016, following a fiber creature named Yarny as it navigates dangerous environments. The game is purely a puzzle platformer as you have to work with your yarn to go around the world like making ropes or creating bridges between large gaps.

It was a single-player experience, but a few years later the development team returned to deliver a sequel with Unravel Two. This time around, the game revolves around a two-player co-op game. With puzzles that require the assistance of another fiber creature, players will use a combination of their fibers together as you once again attempt to navigate through some harsh and dangerous environments.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Kid-Friendly Co-op

As the world is going through severe quarantines in 2020 that force us all to stay indoors and away from visiting friends or family members, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is released to players as an interesting distraction. Chances are you’ve seen this game in action when it became popular. 

In this kid-friendly co-op game, the player will follow an anthropomorphic character through a series of minigame courses with levels that only allow multiplayer to the end before capping and moving on to the next minigame stage. This is a fun battle royale game that doesn’t rely on players to take down each other. 

There’s a bit of a caveat for co-op here as it’s not available for local co-op, so you’ll need two platforms available in your home. From there, players can join together and try to finish before other players. Recently, the developers added a Squad Mode that allows a group of players to work together on courses. If anyone on your team gets to the end and wins, the entire team will also be awarded a crown.