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Top 3 Best Modern Detective Games You Can Play

Modern Detective Games

Detective adventure video games have been around for a long time, and there are plenty of classic titles worth enjoying today. However, it might be a bit limited in how you can enjoy some of those games. Therefore, if you get itchy detective games that you are looking to scratch then take a look at some of these modern titles. These modern detective games have been out for the past ten years, giving you the ability to play games on more modern console platforms along with your PC.

Judgment – Modern Detective Games

Modern Detective Games

Judgment is a somewhat unexpected IP announcement as it takes place in the world of Yakuza games but with the player not directly participating as a member of a yakuza family. Instead, players of this game will play the role of Takayuki Yagami, a detective. Yagami is involved in a new case hoping to find the person behind the series of deaths that the corpses appear without their eyes.

While on the case, Yagami will explore various clues or use something like a drone to spy on a suspect. However, if you are familiar with Yakuza games then you know that these games focus quite a lot on the gameplay with a mixed-fight style. Fortunately, that’s still true here, and in some ways, the fight is a bit more flexible and intuitive with Judgment.

Yagami can deal a powerful blow when facing an enemy as our protagonist can dash out of buildings to attack opponents in the air. Best of all, this game doesn’t really tell the past stories of the Yakuza series of games, so you don’t need to play previous games to enjoy this title.

Heavy Rain – Modern Detective Games

Modern Detective Games

Quantic Dream is known for offering a number of narrative-driven adventure games. One of their breakout hits was Heavy Rain, a movie about a serial killer who kidnaps children and drowns them in rainwater.

In the game, this killer has shocked again by kidnapping the son of a father named Ethan. Now, with limited time to search for the missing child, players will follow the four main characters who are hunting down the killer and solving this hideous crime. If you are familiar with Quantic Dream then chances are you know how the game is handled in Heavy Rain.

Most of the modern detective games are about exploring the area, picking up objects, finding clues, talking to NPCs, and a lot of events happening in no time.

This game also has many endings. With players having the option to make a few decisions along the way and depending on how quickly they handle events unfolding, you’ll find that the game will eventually reward.

The player ends selectively, whether it is a positive or a negative ending. Ultimately, that means there’s a lot of replay value here as you can see how the story will adapt to the other choices made throughout the game.

As one of the biggest successes from Quantic Dream, players can enjoy it not only on the PlayStation 3 as it originally launched but also on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Disco Elysium

Modern Detective Games

The Disco Elysium was a huge hit at launch in 2019 when the player role-playing a detective woke up with a bad hangover and no memory of the night before. However, when our protagonist begins to show up, he discovers that a murder case needs to be solved and it is here that our journey begins, where we find out. what happened and perhaps a chance of redemption for our lucky hero.

This is a top-down role-playing game where players are roaming the world, meeting NPCs, performing quests, joining chats, earning experience points, and unlocking more skills to assist you in playing.

The interesting thing is, as with RPG modern detective games, there’s a lot of freedom here for how players want to build their main character. You can play by the rules and become a clean policeman or throw out a notebook and come up with your own rules to get the job done. As a result, this is not only a great detective game but also a very solid RPG experience.