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Top 3 Best Modern Point And Click Horror Games

Point And Click Horror

Point And Click Horror

Point-and-click adventure games often focus on narratives and puzzles. These games were quite popular back in the day but over the years, more adventure games have completely dropped the point and click aspect. In this list, we’ll highlight some of the newer point and click horror games you should try. Some of these titles may not focus much on the classic point-and-click gameplay aspect, but they are packed with puzzles and focus heavily on telling a story. We’re trying to keep video games more modern so that everything on this list at the time of this writing isn’t older than 2010.

Dark Fall: The Journal

Point And Click Horror

Dark Fall: The Journal is described as a bit like the classic Myst adventure game but with a hint of horror. Decades ago, an old train station in Dowerton was once a bustling site for visitors. However, one day mysteriously, the passengers and station staff disappeared. 

No one could find out what happened and now many years later a contract has been signed to redevelop the station. Players enter a protagonist who receives a call for help from their brother, who has taken on the job of repairing the station. 

As the player moves to the station, they find that they are completely alone, but that something else lurks around the area causing the player to try to find clues and solve the decades-old mystery to avoid being caught.

Serena – point and click horror

Serena is a completely free game to download and play, but it’s also incredibly short. You’re watching it can take an hour to complete this game, so we’ll be clear here about what to expect in the hopes of avoiding spoilers. With Serena, players are immersed in the story of a man who ventures to an old wooden house to wait for his wife Serena. However, as he looks around, he begins to uncover his hidden memories. If you have an hour to kill and want something more comfortable in terms of gameplay then we’re aiming to check out Serena on the PC platform.

Anna Extended Edition

Point And Click Horror

If you want a challenging point and click horror game to get through then try Anna Extended Edition. This title puts the player in the role of an amnesiac man who wakes up outside an old sawmill. 

From there, it’s a journey to find your way inside, uncovering more puzzling puzzles, and dealing with a supernatural entity to find out what happened before that. This is a title that also has several different endings so replayability is possible. With eight possible endings, your actions in the game will determine how the story will end. 

As the name suggests there was an original Anna title before this game, but the feedback received caused the developers to go back and rework the project a bit. Therefore, we have some brand new puzzles and environments for players to venture through.

The Walking Dead – point and click horror

Point And Click Horror

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games may be their best yet. It was a point and click horror title that put them in the crosshairs of many players on day one of its releases, and over the years we’ve seen several installments hit the market, which once again adds to the amazing storyline. 

We’ll stick with the first game to avoid spoiling anything if you haven’t played the title, but with The Walking Dead, players are tracking Lee during the onset of the zombie apocalypse. Finding a lonely girl named Clementine, Lee takes her in and tries to find a sanctuary. 

Meanwhile, the world is extremely hostile to deadly zombies roaming the world and even deadly human factions more than just resources. With so many options and consequences that affect the plot, this is a game to play even if you’re not a fan of the popular AMC TV series or the iconic manga.