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Top 3 Best Murder Mystery Games You Should Try

Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games

Video games are the ideal platform to solve mysteries. Considering the full breadth of all the video games ever made, there really aren’t as many murder mystery games as you might think. As children, the board game Clue introduced us to the basics of detective work, and video games give us the tools to expand our investigative skills even further with stories. Unique and confusing gameplay. There’s just something special about collecting clues, interrogating suspects, and finding the culprit. 

Return of the Obra Dinn – murder mystery games

Murder Mystery Games

Not quite a murder mystery in the traditional sense, but a mystery alike. The good-natured ship Obra Dinn has returned home but has no crew. Armed with a diary and a mystical device to go back in time to see a snapshot of events that happened, you must figure out the fate of each crew member to complete your investigation. 

The fun of Return of the Obra Dinn is figuring out what happened using very limited and incomplete information. Using the crew logbook, you need to write down the cause of death for everyone, and it gets pretty wild. There are no vandals here, but there are only a handful of human-caused deaths. The Return of the Obra Dinn is one of the most innovative puzzle games of the past decade.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Murder Mystery Games

The Phoenix Wright games are finally available to everyone thanks to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy collection available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This pack includes the original three games, where you play as rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright, caught up in one impossible case after another. 

The games are like an interactive novel where you read along with the story, pausing for a moment to collect clues before the trial. The trials are shortened to three days, with the trial itself really putting your attorney off. 

During the trial, you will have to intelligently use your clues and intuition to point out logical inconsistencies and find lies in tortuous testimony. It helps that these games are filled with colorful characters and fun writing. If you are looking for a less serious mystery, then these murder mystery games are a perfect choice.

L.A. Noire – murder mystery games

Murder Mystery Games

L.A. Noire is one of the most ambitious murder mystery games ever made, featuring dozens of face-mapped actors and a fully realized 1940s Los Angeles setting. As Detective Cole Phelps, you’ll rise through the ranks starting as a simple beat-up cop and progressing to Traffic, Murder, Vice, and Arson. 

No matter what desk you’re sitting at, you’re usually faced with murder in some form – and to solve mysteries, you flip through realistically rendered environments for clues, question questions, and finally make a choice who is really the culprit already. 

Usually, these mysteries follow a fixed narrative path that you can’t miss, but sometimes you’re free to choose your own culprit. Whether you make the right choice or not is entirely up to you. The fun of L.A. Noire comes in with the sumptuous story, poignant period drama, and exciting gunfights that often end each case.