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Top 3 Best NASCAR Racing Video Games

NASCAR Racing Video Games

NASCAR Racing Video Games

NASCAR is hugely popular motorsport and it has a wide variety of video games available for players to choose from. If you like the sport then you probably already have a few of these games in your collection. However, if you are craving for a new game to give you the thrill of hitting the track and competing against some of the best professional racers in the sport then check out our NASCAR racing video games list below. Now, most of these games will feature the usual game modes you’ve come to expect from this racing series.

NASCAR Dirt to Daytona

NASCAR Racing Video Games

Sometimes you don’t need any gimmicks or new features in a NASCAR game to keep your fans interested. Sometimes all it takes is a solid NASCAR racing game such as NASCAR Dirt to Daytona. This is a game where you are trying to be the best racer and working to rank up. The game starts with players racing different small-town tracks with cars or trucks as you build your reputation. Soon, you’ll end up in the NASCAR championship where you’ll start working for the money.

In the end, this means winning races and keeping sponsors, which fans love immensely. There’s a cool story mode, great racing mechanics, and just an overall enjoyable NASCAR experience for a time that fans can still enjoy today if they want to partake in some of the slightly older NASCAR racing video games.

NASCAR Thunder 2004 – NASCAR racing video games

NASCAR Racing Video Games

NASCAR Thunder 2004 is what you would expect from a NASCAR game with different racing modes, such as season to career mode. With that said, the game had an interesting game feature unique to the series at the time called Grudges and Alliances. This is a feature that puts players in a position of being enemies or allies in races.

The way this works is that if players start hitting cars either intentionally or by accident, they will start to become enemies. Later in the race, if they happen to be near you, they will try to bump into you. However, if you allow riders to draft they will become allies, in that they will allow you to pass later in the race without much of a problem.

NASCAR Racing 4 – NASCAR racing video games

NASCAR Racing Video Games

NASCAR Racing 4 was released in 2001 and was a huge step forward for fans of the racing simulation genre. It was a game that had a lot of firsts and it pushed its popularity to its peak at the time. 

For example, this game has not only improved visually but now also has car physics that allows the car to spin, such as a massive crash that could flip a car in the air. Likewise, it is the first game in the series to include 43 cars in a race with even some notable tracks like the Daytona International Highway.

Players also have actual car manufacturers, so there are plenty of reasons for fans to dive into this game as soon as it comes out. Players still have the traditional race modes here as well whether they want a single race or more championship races. While this one of the NASCAR racing video games may be a bit older for players to enjoy today, especially if it’s not the game they remember playing initially, it’s a pretty important title for fans.