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Top 3 Best Need for Speed Video Games – Games List

Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Who doesn’t love a great racing game? From kids to adults everyone enjoys the thrill of racing games even though it relies on video games for more realistic simulation. Need for Speed ​​is one of the long-established game franchises and it offers more than a few installments for players to enjoy. These are arcade-style video game racers taking place in various parts of the world with their unique gimmicks that can appeal to newcomers or veterans wanting something new. 

Need for Speed: Underground 2

Need for Speed

Need for Speed: Underground 2, clearly, the sequel to the Underground, is a popular entry for the franchise as a whole. This game revolves around being the best racer in the area. 

Aside from that, the fact is that you need a car that’s not only tuned to perform better in races but also looks like part of a killer ride. This means you have to decorate the car with bright colors and neon lights to create a dark light when moving on the street.

Although this is a sequel, players can easily dive into the story of this game. It takes place after the events of the first game where the player only needs to know that you are the protagonist who has previously defeated the best racer in the area leaving you with the championship. 

However, at the very beginning of this game, you will enter a whole new area where once again you have to compete in different races to win sponsors along with gaining fame on the internet. Street. While this game is quite well received, we have not received a follow-up or reboot of the Underground franchise.

Most Wanted

Need for Speed

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released in 2005 alongside the game reboot that hit the market in 2012. We’ll stick with a more modern release for this description. In many ways, this game is quite similar to the Hot Pursuit version, a title we’ll go into a bit more depth about. 

In Most Wanted, the player is going through street races and avoiding the police that will try to take you down and arrest the driver. Meanwhile, there’s a bit more focus on racing others in the in-game world as you’ll unlock their cars if you win. 

It’s the most player-like mix of Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit, but in general, if you want to focus more on racing then you might want to dive into Most Wanted. With that said, those who enjoy the thrill of being chased by the police will want to check out Hot Pursuit.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Need for Speed

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has been around for years now, it was started back in the late 1990s but in 2010 we did a remix for this Hot Pursuit game and in late 2020 we did get a remake. 

This series is, as the name suggests, based on police chases with players going through street races that capture the thrill of being caught by the police. It’s a bit like a cat-and-mouse chase in the sense that the players take on the role of a street racer often armed with oddly fast cars that can glide across the road and avoid police officers.

Although officers may be slower, they have their own attributes such as being stronger when crashing into opponents or invoking various power-ups such as barriers. It should be noted that if you’re looking through the campaign you’ll see that there’s a career mode for both cops and racers, so it does provide some replay value. Choosing the remake not only gives players a visual and performance boost but also all the previously released DLC for this game, such as the various unique media packs.