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Top 3 Best New Adventure Games Of 2021

New Adventure Games

New Adventure Games

Multiplayer game is fun and it’s a great time to be online with friends for a campaign or battle with other players. However, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and enjoy a game that focuses on a storyline that is often based on a single player. If you are looking to get lost in the thrilling video game storyline of 2021 then you may want to follow these new adventure games. Remember to check back often as we will continue to monitor this page and add more games as they are announced. 

It Takes Two – new adventure games

New Adventure Games

Hazelight has a new narrative-adventure game in the works, and if you’re not familiar with the studio’s name then you might be familiar with their previous works. These are the people who created Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. Now one of the new adventure games is in the making called It Takes Two.

The story revolves around a little girl who finds out that her parents are divorcing. Suddenly after making two dolls, the little girl can control both her father and mother. Through the control of parents, players will have to complete many different levels based on the different emotions of their parents. There are a lot of changes to the level design that bring new game mechanics and thrilling puzzles to solve that require two players to work together.

As Dusk Falls

New Adventure Games

Like Dusk Falls comes from independent development studio Interior Night and it’s set to be an interactive TV series. A lot of the details about the game are still kept secret, and we can’t wait to see how the game develops personally. 

From what it looks like, we get a story that will be told for generations. We knew we were going to be thrown into the American Southwest. It would obviously focus on two families and it looked like one of the last families would be taken, hostage. 

Again, it’s a bit of a game-changer in terms of what we can expect at the moment. With that said, there’s an interesting aesthetic choice to the game’s visuals, but we’re still waiting for another trailer to roll out to see the different game mechanics.

Fable – new adventure games

New Adventure Games

The Fable franchise has been quite popular over the years but it only received three major installments before shutting down. It’s something fans suspected will be found again at some point, and after years of speculation, we’ve finally got the official announcement of the Fable reboot. 

This is one of the new adventure games that was introduced during an event in July 2020 for Xbox Series X, where we received information from the developers of Playground Games taking the helm of this action RPG. If you’re not familiar with the name of the studio, these are the people responsible for the Forza Horizon series, so it’s going to be a pretty drastic videogame IP the team is working on.

Even so, there are still plenty of fans eagerly waiting to see how this reboot will play out. We only have a cinematic teaser trailer that basically just reveals that the game is being released. 

Also, we don’t know if the game is in development to retell a similar plot, location, or even characters. Despite that, the Fable series is a narrative journey for players, to begin with, and we look forward to a compelling storyline to help us progress throughout the campaign.