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Top 3 Best NEW Looter Shooters of 2021

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Looter Shooters

There are a lot of great looter shooters out there. Titles that focus on shooting down enemies and picking up items to power up your characters are always popular. We see quite a few games released each year that meet this gameplay standard. If you’re looking for some new titles to watch this year, we’ve got you covered.

Plan 8 – looter shooters

Pearl Abyss is a development studio in Korea and they are known for providing Black Desert Online. However, along with a mix of other titles in the work, another game slated to launch in the future is Plan 8. Right now, we don’t have a lot of information, but what we do I know this game is set in an apocalyptic world. 

Currently, a large part of the title has been highlighted around players using different exits that will give them various powers. It’s a bit like how Anthem is highlighted in terms of different high-tech suits that give players different powers or abilities. Meanwhile, there is a lot of equipment and weapons that players can get along the way. 

Of course, Anthem didn’t do well upon release, but with Pearl Abyss having a strong MMO presence with Black Desert and upcoming titles like Crimson Desert along with Plan 8, there are quite a few fans who care. pay attention to this game.

Witchfire – looter shooters

Development studio The Astronauts hit some big headlines with its debut title The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It’s a huge indie success that puts the player in the role of a paranormal investigator uncovering a mystery surrounding a small village. However, that video game resurfaced in 2014 and since then the studio has been working on their next project, Witchfire. 

This new Witchfire is a single-player FPS where we are transported into the 1600s in a time when witches were real and spewed dark magic around the world. Players here will take the role of a religious member whose task is to hunt down witches and all their evil dark creatures or magic that infects the land. It is said that there is no main storyline here for the player to follow but instead the game is geared towards providing entertainment through the player. 

With that said, this has looter shooters system included so that when players come across new gear, the system was created to allow them to more easily adjust character load times. It can also mean experimenting with your gameplay a little bit simply from the loot you get while playing.

The Day Before

The Day Before is a highly anticipated looter shooters video game from developer Fntastic. This game takes players into a world set after the pandemic. America is nothing more than a shell of its former self. 

There are deadly zombie-like creatures roaming the land and you are just another human looking to survive another day. It’s also an open-world multiplayer game so not only will you survive these zombie creatures but also hostile players. 

From what we’ve seen, this is a game that looks a bit like The Division in terms of an open-world environment and other players being able to log into the game world. 

Meanwhile, players can join a party of their own as they search for supplies or easily destroyable targets. Throughout the game, players seek out loot that they can collect to power up their character or squad.