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Top 3 Best New Sandbox Video Games of 2021

New Sandbox Video Games

New Sandbox Video Games

There are many great sandbox video games that have gained a strong following. With these games, players get more creative freedom in doing whatever they like or creative ability in completing different tasks. If you’re a sandbox lover and looking for something a little different to enjoy this year, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we’re highlighting some of the best sandbox video game titles you can pick up in the calendar year 2021.

Breakwaters – sandbox video games

New Sandbox Video Games

Breakwaters is one of the sandbox video games that hasn’t hit the market yet. But in this game, you will be placed on an island surrounded by giants. Water has a big game as you will have different abilities to control water in different ways. 

Meanwhile, Breakwaters is all about survival and crafting. Not only will you fight the hostile giants that have taken over the area. But you’ll craft buildings, farm, sail the rough seas, and search for islands and biomes by different processes.

We’re also aware that there’s an online co-op mode planned in the works, but we’re not entirely sure when we’ll get the game. With that said, when it hits the market, it’ll be another early access title, so stay tuned for new details on Breakwater’s official release date.

Let’s Build A Zoo – sandbox video games

New Sandbox Video Games

Planet Zoo was a pretty hit game but now we have another zoo building company in the works with Let’s Build A Zoo. This game is exactly what you would expect but in a more classic visual style. 

Here players are building a makeshift zoo with different surroundings, animals, and decorations to make your zoo stand out. However, players can also try DNA matching with more than 300,000 different types of animals.

In addition to building the zoo and various temporary animals, you’ll need to hire staff to keep the animals happy and healthy. You’ll find that the game is a bit more endearing than games like Planet Zoo, but it’s a game worth trying when hoping to launch at some point later this year.

My Time At Sandrock

New Sandbox Video Games

If you enjoyed My Time At Portia then there is another title well worth considering from the same development team, Pathea Games. My Time At Sandrock is another game like My Time At Portia but with a new location. Here players are building a new area from the apocalypse, which means gathering resources, exploring, and of course, fighting the various hostile enemies that appear.

The developers are adding some improvements this time with the game like more narrative and more side quests for players to take on. Similar to the other games on this sandbox video games list, you’ll also find that My Time At Sandrock will be an early-access video game experience when it hits the market sometime this year.