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Top 3 Best New Survival Horror Games of 2021

New Survival Horror Games

New Survival Horror Games

There are tons of great horror games coming out in 2021 or titles already available to pick and play today. However, if you are looking to experience some more survival horror titles then we have some games to recommend. In this list, we’ll be highlighting the best survival horror games we hope to launch in 2021. That doesn’t mean every game on this list will be available this year, but here are some expected releases along with a couple that you can pick up today.

State of Decay 3 – survival horror games

New Survival Horror Games

State of Decay has had two parts released on the market where players are adventuring in an open world trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. There are plenty of cooperative survival horror games as players seek to rescue NPCs, build communities, search for resources, and of course fight against all sorts of hostile enemies. 

However, we do know that a new part is in the works. We only have a small trailer to get started with this game right now until Microsoft reveals more about what they have planned with State of Decay 3. However, with that said, there are two very notable elements we can see pop up from State of Decay 3 thanks to the quick trailer. 

For starters, it seems like the protagonist is in some kind of winter tundra area which means having to fight against elements like freezing weather. Meanwhile, there is also a mutant deer that is eating the carcass of another deer. That could be a sign that this next big installment will also have zombie animals to deal with.

Resident Evil Village

New Survival Horror Games

Resident Evil Village is the latest main installment of the Resident Evil series. This game takes place after the events of Resident Evil 7, where players will play as Ethan Winters once again. 

Ethan turns his world upside down after the arrival of Chris Redfield and that plunges him into a world full of trauma. Now Ethan is stuck in some remote village as he sets out to search for Chris Redfield and hope to get some answers as to what’s going on. 

Just like previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Village has plenty of exploration, puzzles, and of course bosses to take down. However, there are fewer zombie games with this village focusing more on other hostile creatures like vampires. Currently, Resident Evil Village is available for players to choose right now.

The Day Before – survival horror games

New Survival Horror Games

Easily one of the more anticipated games for some genre right now is The Day Before. This is a game set in post-pandemic America after the zombie virus has turned most of humanity into mindless creatures. 

The player is just another human soul trying to survive in the harsh world by any means necessary. Since this is an MMO title, there are other players that can join the game, which means you’ll not only be looking for resources and fending off hostile creatures, but you’ll also have to face off against other players potentially hostile. 

Meanwhile, as you search for resources, you’ll also have the ability to join your friends and start your own group, whether it’s to be friendly and help others in need or hunt for the vulnerable because of their precious equipment. So far, we’re still waiting for this one of the survival horror games‘s release date, so 2021 is most likely out of the way.