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Top 3 Best NEW Top-Down Games of 2021 You Should Try

Top-Down Games

Top-Down Games

There are a lot of new and exciting games coming out this year. While things have changed around due to covid, that hasn’t stopped all the video games scheduled for 2021. For example, there are quite a few top-down video games coming up. which we think you should keep an eye on. In this list, we’ll highlight the best new top-down games that are releasing or slated for release this calendar year.

Rogue Shift – Top-Down games

Top-Down Games

In Rogue Shift, we follow a protagonist in a small ship that is shot down by friendly defenses. Now stranded on a planet filled with hostile alien creatures, a dangerous and oxygen-starved environment. You are thrown into an uphill battle as they reach the nearest outpost. Looking for answers, players will have to make sure their protagonist lives long enough to find out what’s going on.

There is an infinite supply of enemies that will find a way to take down the player and unfortunately when the player dies they will start over. Being a scammer has some benefits carried over to the next run, such as all the unlocks you’ve done before. Again, like some of the games posted earlier on this Top-Down games list, we don’t have a specific release date yet but expect to gain early access when it finally hits the market.

Weird West – Top-Down games

Top-Down Games

Weird West is a game that is likely to garner some interest from fans by the developers alone. This title was created by the co-creators behind Dishonored and Prey. In Weird West, we are given a new take on the old Wild West. Set to follow multiple characters with their storylines and agendas, what makes this game a bit different is the fact that we’re following a West where fantasy creatures also roam around the world.

We’ve heard this a lot from many games but obviously, we can expect many events around the world that change for player choices. There’s no release date yet beyond the 2021 launch deadline for Weird West, so it’s a title worth keeping an eye on when it hits the market later this year.

Last Ops

Top-Down Games

Finally, another game that we think you should look out for is Last Ops. This game has a pretty unique visual style with low poly graphics which we like with the gameplay and its dark atmosphere level design. During the game’s narrative. The player is transported into a research station that has been plunged into darkness. Here something happened and now you are dealing with many hostile enemies.

What’s a bit interesting here is that the game also has some of the same elements as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. If you recall those games, you run the risk of being hunted down by a boss that you also have. will face in Last Ops. 

There are different bosses that players can avoid and run away from but that doesn’t mean they can’t appear later. Currently, we don’t have a release date for this project. If you don’t already have this title on your radar, it’s one of the Top-Down games that you might want to keep an eye on.