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Top 3 Best PC Motorcycle Games To Play In 2021

PC Motorcycle Games

PC Motorcycle Games

There is a huge collection of racing games and titles where you can hop in a car to roam freely. However, if you’re after more style-specific vehicles to race in motorcycle titles, you’re in luck. In this list, we will highlight 3 PC motorcycle games. These are some of the best games out there that are worth picking up and trying out in 2021.

Ride 4 – PC motorcycle games

PC Motorcycle Games

Ride series is another quite popular game for those who want to experience the motor racing game. Currently, the latest to hit the market is Ride 4, which comes from Milestone srl, a development studio known for delivering some pretty popular PC motorcycle games in the past. Ride 4 is a motocross simulation game where you have to shift your body weight to make turns.

Ride 4 certainly has a bit of a learning curve to go through but once again the Ride series has achieved the following. If you haven’t given the games a chance before then you’ll find that Ride 4 will be available for players now. 

Once released in 2020, you will find that this game will be supported for a long time. There has been DLC released to give players more content for you to enjoy. Although the game already has a rather packed gameplay experience with its line of racing and motorbikes.

MotoGP 21 – PC motorcycle games

PC Motorcycle Games

Like the Ride series, you will find that developer Milestone srl is responsible for MotoGP 21. This is one of the simulation-type PC motorcycle games where players spend the MotoGP 2021 season as they participate in multiple races. Again, since this is a simulation game, you will find that there is a lot of focus around tracking different aspects of your motorcycle.

In the meantime, all it takes is knowing the courses and making sure your motocross performance can pass the races competitively. It may not be a game for everyone, especially if you’re looking for a more video-like experience. But those who find the game interesting will find DLC to add content to games. Or even previous installments like MotoGP 20 to spend the season before the races.

Trials Rising

PC Motorcycle Games

The Experimental Game gained popularity after just starting out as a Java game. After its initial release in 2000, Game IP has become a major cross-platform console release with the latest being 2019’s Trials Rising. 

This particular section is the one that we recommend trying out if you haven’t given this IP a chance before. Trials Rising is a racing game but also a 2.5D physics platformer. Throughout the game, players are trying to steer their cyclists through various courses.

It is very easy to cause your cyclist to topple over in which case you are driven back to the checkpoint. However, you will soon understand the physics and be able to take your cyclist through different obstacles, jumps, and different terrains. Likewise, there are races that you can enter with multiplayer options.