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Top 3 Best Playstation 4 Crime Games You Should Try

Playstation 4 Crime Games

There are many great stories that are told and introduced in the video game. From children’s titles to adult audiences. If you are chasing a game with a life of crime or a protagonist is hunting to solve a case, then we will help you. Here are some of the best video games with a crime storyline on PlayStation 4. It’s hard to rate these games really so instead of looking at which one is better than the other, we’d recommend you to take a look. This list shows only some of the astonishing games available for the platform. With that said, we want to know your favorite Playstation 4 crime games.

A Way Out – Playstation 4 crime games

Playstation 4 Crime Games

A Way Out is a popular video game title although it can still be considered a smaller release. The game from the development studio, Hazelight Studios, is best known for being headed by film director and screenwriter Josef Fares. This game is purely about co-op because it requires two players to enjoy the game, so it’s best to have two players ready if you want to take part in the campaign.

Overall, the Playstation 4 crime games is a story that follows two prisoners on their daring escape. As the two inmates build a mutual friendship, they work together when they escape, but escaping turns out to be a prelude to an emotional journey that will emerge as the duo find their way from behind bars. It’s a narrative-driven story and will provide players with enough content to watch over the course of a weekend. If you have six hours to kill then you can get through this intense co-op prison escape and a plot of redemption and revenge.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Playstation 4 Crime Games

While the game will indicate its sequel just by title, this one is actually the prequel. Players are thrown into the shoes of Arthur Morgan, a rough and tough outlaw, riding with the notorious Dutch Van Der Linde gang.

With some unique characters and even some familiar faces like John Marston, the player is watching this quirky group, who is constantly running away from the government after a burglary goes south.

Just like the original version of the game Red Dead Redemption, players are set in a large open world in the old country with lots of areas to explore. As a result, without completing the main missions, players are free to explore the open world that may include landmarks, random towns, villages, mines, and shelters of outer gangs. legal circles. One of the interesting aspects of this game is that players can create their own reputation.

While the main plot focuses on outlaw players, what you do outside of the plot will give you a positive or negative reputation. With so many unique characters looking for help, the way you handle situations or just your free wanderlust leans both towards being a noble or an outcast. Cruel laws and that will ultimately decide the end you get in this game.

Grand Theft Auto V – Playstation 4 crime games

Playstation 4 Crime Games

The Grand Theft Auto branding has always had a criminal and performed a series of missions that bend the law or completely go against it. The series continues to bring in a huge following with every installment, but for the most part, the latest one still tops the series.

Rockstar Games really excels with Playstation 4 crime games creating Grand Theft Auto V. You have a huge open world like living with a lot of activity. Outside of the campaign, you can compete in races, triathlons, help random strangers who need help, own a business, acquire a vehicle, buy the property or even Take your chaos online with other active players on their business.