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Top 3 Best PlayStation 4 Survival Games Of All Time

PlayStation 4 Survival Games

There is a lot of love for the survival game. It’s all about checking your vital markers, such as making sure your character is healthy while venturing out into the unknown. If you are looking for some great survival games to enjoy right now on PlayStation 4 then check out our list below. There is certainly no exact list as we all have our own opinion, so of course, we also want to know your favorite PlayStation 4 Survival Games.

This War Of Mine

PlayStation 4 Survival Games

When you think about war games, you mainly think of FPS, strategy games, and third-person action titles. However, there are iconic PlayStation 4 survival games that have really left an impact on the genre and a game that everyone still recommends playing today.

In This War Of Mine, players take control of a group of civilians, trying to survive the harshness of being trapped in a siege. With snipers monitoring the area during the day, it’s prime time to go out and search for resources to keep your team healthy, well-fed, and comfortably happening at night.

It’s another world in siege when people become desperate. Your morality comes first when you make difficult and sometimes painful decisions. Always have WLifeMan of a stranger or a group of people show up at your doorstep. Is your site fortified well enough, is the group trustworthy, or will you view them as prey for goods to steal?

This War Of Mine definitely puts you in a position you would normally think of in wars and one that you hope will never come true that you will have to face. However, set in the world of video games, you are allowed to tempt fate and see how things can turn out.

There’s even a DLC that was put in place to give players more plot scenarios to go through.

The Forest – PlayStation 4 Survival Games

PlayStation 4 Survival Games

The Forest takes the player into the role of Eric LeBlanc who is traveling with his son. Walking through a jungle area, the plane crashes and causes Eric to frantically search for his son Timmy, but it is clear that he is not alone. In this forest is a tribe of cannibal mutants that you will have to deal with although their tactics are not always aggressive.

You will have to establish a base and deal with the hostilities that come. It’s certainly a fun AI as well as in this game as the tribes feel as if they’re researching you in the hopes of figuring out how best to deal with this emerging threat. They can try to attack, run away, keep a distance from you, even look for where you stay at night to create various structural threats, keeping you competitive.

As always, in survival games, it is to keep your character healthy. You will have lots of stats like hunger, hydration, energy, stamina, and overall health. You will have to make sure that everything is ready in the green to stay alive and ready for the next attack you might face.

Subnautica – PlayStation 4 Survival Games

PlayStation 4 Survival Games

Subnautica is one of the  future PlayStation 4 Survival Games. Players will play the role of an astronaut, whose mission is to search for other planets to colonize. However, something went wrong and your ship crashed into a mostly aquatic world. As the only survivor on this ship, the player is forced to venture into the deep blue pool in the hope of gathering resources to survive and be able to escape.

It was a somewhat tense game to go down to the oceans below. There’s a persistent threat of oxygen loss, not to mention taking care of your other health factors throughout the process like hydration and nutrition. What’s more, there’s the threat of hostile creatures that not only live underwater but are also quite adaptable to fast movements, leaving you always on the brink of what might be lurking.