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Top 3 Best Pokemon Fan Games To Play In 2021

Pokemon Fan Games

Pokemon Fan Games

Since the 1990s, Pokemon games industrial park has continued to thrive in various ways. We have merchandise, trading cards, cartoons, and of course video games. Over the years we’ve seen new mains released in which players traverse a new area, collect Pokemon, and battle against nefarious organizations while collecting room leader badges different exercises. For those of you looking for something a little different, there are fan-made Pokemon games. You will find many options and new games are constantly being released online. In this list, we’re highlighting some of the Pokemon fan games we think you should check out this year. 

Pokemon Insurgence – Pokemon fan games

Pokemon Fan Games

One of the Pokemon fan games that might appeal a little more to older players is Pokemon Insurgence. This is a game that doesn’t throw any punches but the developers are well aware that the story created can be a bit harsh for some players’ taste. 

That’s why they created two darker game modes along with a lighter option. Basically, in the lighter option, the story has a slight twist such as no character deaths, but the main plot will be the same between both modes. Here in this game, the player starts in a new area with a custom character awakened with no memories.

Trapped at The Cult of Darkrai’s headquarters, the player is fighting to escape, which is made possible through the help of Mew. Now for free, we see that the world in this area is mainly run by cults and this is where you step in to free the area from their evil domination. Of course, along the way, there are plenty of twists and turns that will hopefully entice you to keep playing through the game to see what else emerges.

Pokemon Dark Rising – Pokemon fan games

Pokemon Fan Games

Pokemon Dark Rising is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed and it is also just the first game of the Pokemon title line. It’s a game that’s a bit more narrative-driven, although it does introduce more Pokemon into the game than what FireRed originally offered. 

You can find Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White along with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions in this game. However, some features from these games are not available in Pokemon Dark Rising. At the core, you still have an area to explore, Pokemon to catch, and exercise battles to complete. As mentioned, this is a mostly plot-based Pokemon game.

In Pokemon Dark Rising, the player is following a protagonist who is told by Arceus that an ancient evil is getting ready to take over the Pokemon world and you are the Chosen One. To save the world and defeat the ancient evil, players will need to train hard and prepare for a tough opponent.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Fan Games

Pokemon fan games tend to have some standard components that make them more uniform. For example, the game is based on catching and fighting Pokemon. However, there are other aspects included in the mix like competing in different gyms along with striving to be a Pokemon champion. Meanwhile, each installment offers a few different attributes or gimmicks to appeal to veteran fans. 

This could be a new Pokemon collection or some exclusive characters that are only available in specific versions of the game. When Pokemon Uranium came out, it was an instant hit and it pretty much kept what was mentioned above. What’s different, however, is the fact that a lot of new Pokemon creations have been added to the game. 

Seriously, we’ve got over 200 species of Pokemon in this game, and most of them are brand new fan-made Pokemon. Likewise, the plot has a slightly darker tone and it creates a bit of emotion when seeing the main character appear overhead.