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Top 3 Best Snowboarding Video Games of 2021

Snowboarding Video Games

Snowboarding Video Games

Snowboarding video games have been around for quite some time. There are so many different video game titles available to pick and play, so it can be a bit difficult to figure out where to start. Unfortunately, the skateboarding video game is a little more scarce these days, and that’s something we hope to see a change in in the future. Despite the lack of newer video games hitting the market, there are still some games definitely worth trying that have been out for years. In this list, we’ll highlight some of our favorites below.

Amped 2 – snowboarding video games

Snowboarding Video Games

Microsoft tried to develop the original Xbox console ski series with Amped. There are only three installments in this series with the third being released for the Xbox 360. However, the more popular of the three is Amped 2, a game released in 2003. 

It’s a real action game with a little more economical. it’s not the ultimate video game experience in something like the SSX series, but it still has plenty of players enjoying the game. 

Throughout the game, the player must complete a series of levels with different challenges to complete. These will include areas like specific tricks, increasing points, even finding snowmen hidden in the mountains where you will level up the character. 

Your character progression is also quite important if you enjoy the online gaming experience at the time. With Amped 2, players will not only level up offline characters in the game, but they will see these skills level up in the online confrontation.

Alto’s Adventure 

Snowboarding Video Games

Alto’s Adventure is a little different from the other snowboarding video games on this list. This is a game that has started on the smartphone platform. Players with iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android devices have been playing this game well before its release on modern console platforms. This is a simple type of endless runner game and if you haven’t heard of the genre, it means that the game level will continue non-stop until the player loses a life. 

In this game, the player takes on the role of a skier going down a hill while having to jump over obstacles. While in the air, the player can perform a few tricks before landing again and once again attempting to break his record distance. There are some small objective factors attached to this game with the player having a bunch of different goals whether it’s reaching a certain distance or crossing a large distance.

SSX Series – snowboarding video games

Snowboarding Video Games

Tony Hawk Pro Skater may have dominated the snowboarding video games industry, but when it comes to snowboarding, fans love SSX. The series started in 2000 and it offers players an arcade-style experience for skiing and snowboarding. 

It’s fun and not based on actual physics. Instead, this game is all about increasing speed, hitting big jumps, and performing some cool tricks. There are many games in this series with one of the biggest releases being SSX Tricky. Players will try to unlock more characters and boards while competing in world rounds up to single events.

As with any video game series that has been released, some titles don’t receive as much acclaim as their predecessors, but overall, these games are still pretty well-reviewed. Unfortunately, we haven’t received a new installment since the 2012 release of SSX, a reboot to the series that is often loved by critics and fans alike. We hope that SSX makes a big comeback these days, especially with Tony Hawk Pro Skater having a remake for modern platforms.