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Top 3 Best Sword Fighting Games You Should Try

Sword Fighting Games

Sword Fighting Games

Get ready to slice and slice your way through countless enemies, in this list, we’ll talk about our favorite sword fighting games. This list isn’t exclusive to the latest releases available as we’ll be going back to previous console generations and pulling out some of the titles you might already love.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sword Fighting Games

FromSoftware, best known for the Souls series, has also released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This is one of the third-person role-playing sword fighting games with a brutal samurai sword style. Players take on the role of a shinobi who finds his lord has been kidnapped. During the scuffle, our protagonist is badly beaten along with his arm severed.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Sword Fighting Games

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which is a prequel to the first, takes place several hundred years before that. Like the previous installment, you can expect everything from siege gameplay, working with the economy, even crafting weapons. 

Likewise, there is a modifier planned to allow players to create their own unique content for others to enjoy. Just like the first part, this is a game set in the middle ages where battles take place with swords and shields. Mount your steed and gallop into chaos as irons clash and arrows fly through the crowd.

Dark Souls Trilogy – sword fighting games

The Souls brand is incredibly popular in recent times. From dark lore, competitive wars, and the wide range of enemies you’ll encounter, the series has not only captured the attention of fans around the world but also inspired video other sword fighting games

While we could spend countless hours learning about the franchise’s background and its lore, we’re focusing on the fight instead. Overall, the fight is the same for the most part with each.

While you have a wide variety of weapons to choose from, the fight is mostly about successfully stopping with offensive attacks. From there, it’s a game of blocks and stuns in the hopes of getting an advantage over the enemies. It’s clear that the battle in the Dark Souls franchise isn’t for everyone, but if you’re patient, keep a good distance from your enemies, and wait to strike, every victory can be truly worth it.

Ghost of Tsushima – sword fighting games

Sword Fighting Games

Ghost of Tsushima is set in 1274, where the Samurai are quickly destroyed by Mongol forces invading the island. Players in this game will play the role of Jin, one of the last samurai. Jin quickly learns that the traditional way of fighting won’t save the people he loves because the remains of the samurai have been wiped out.

Sucker Punch has created a pretty fun, thrilling, and beautiful game for players to enjoy. Set on an island where you can explore pretty much anything or simply witness it with your own eyes, Jin will have to go through a series of battles. 

There’s no locking system available so your swing is more or less in the right direction. Also, another aspect to watch for when fighting enemies is the fact that you need to hit the enemies with the right attack to break their blocks before you can launch a bunch of slices.