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Top 3 Best World War II Games For You To Try

World War II Games

World War II Games

There are many great video games released based on World War II. If you’re after a new game to play based on this historic war, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we have twenty unrated World War II games that we think you should get into. There are many titles that combine from FPS, RTS to games revolving around vehicles. Likewise, you’ll also find some early access games and even some bonus titles worth checking out below.

Sudden Strike 4 – World War II games

World War II Games

To start the World War II games list, we introduce to you Sudden Strike 4. The Sudden Strike series started back in 2000 but the latest version available to players today, Sudden Strike 4, came out in 2017. This is another RTS game set in the Second World War where The player has three campaigns to go through. You not only get a view of the Allied war but also the Soviet and German armies. 

The developers have built the game so that whatever quest you’re taking on is based on a real-life battle. It’s what you’d expect from an RTS game as you command your troops throughout the mission while keeping track of your army’s various stats amid chaos and mayhem. 

While the base game has plenty of content for the player to go through, there are DLC expansions that add more missions and even areas for the player to go through.

Call of Duty World at War

World War II Games

Before Call of Duty: WWII hit the market, we got Call of Duty: World At War. This is a game released in 2008, where players follow a number of different characters as they battle both Japanese and German soldiers. Overall, the game relies on a select number of historical battles with plenty of action and top-notch cinematics to help unfold a storyline. 

The game features a cooperative game mode, something new to the series along with the introduction of the iconic zombie mode Call of Duty is known for today. On top of that, the game is the one that brought back the Black Ops sub-series as well so World at War is a pretty important title to the series as a whole.

Brothers in Arms – World War II games

World War II Games

Finally, on our World War II games list, we’d like to mention the Brothers in Arms series. This first game, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 was released in 2005 and currently the latest, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, came out in 2014. As noted, several games More recent play for mobile-based only. 

Either way, it’s a tactical shooter series set in Western Europe during the Second World War. The story focuses on liberation and the first part was a huge success. This is a game that gets near-perfect marks across various publications due to it being a pretty solid FPS game. 

Interestingly, this game was started by the developer’s Gearbox Software with the direction of Randy Pitchford, who you may know best from the famous Borderlands. These titles may be a bit dated these days, but they’re well worth revisiting. We could see a resurgence of this IP as soon as it was announced in 2020 that the series is being adapted into a TV series.