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Top 3 Best Xbox One Fighting Games To Try

Xbox One Fighting Games

Xbox One Fighting Games

Every year we get a few fighting games to try and play with some games being better than others. We’re moving into the latest generation of video game consoles right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of great games you can pick up and experience for the first time on something like Xbox. One. In this list, we’re looking back at some of our favorite Xbox One fighting games that have hit the market.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Xbox One fighting games

Xbox One Fighting Games

Each generation of consoles there typically sees a few great fighting games based on Dragon Ball Z released. For Xbox One fighting games, there are more than a few Dragon Ball Z titles but if we had to pick one to recommend, we’d give it to Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

This game comes from Arc System Works which, as mentioned earlier, is known for several other iconic video game series like BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, plus some fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

It’s a fast-paced and fluid 3v3 fighting game that does a great job of keeping the combat mechanics simple. There’s no need to think much about pressing buttons in hopes of winning this game as the title features an easy-to-use battle system that allows players to perform some incredible combos and scenes. 

Attack like cinema. As a Dragon Ball Z title, the story is unique here with the player having to figure out where some of the clone warriors come from and fight against them to end their attempt at usurpation.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Xbox One Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat is one of those OG fighting games we all know. It has existed since the days of the fields and soon flooded the house. This brutal game with bloody deaths was even the subject of quite a few controversies of the day.

Now years later, these games are even more brutal and creative in their death scenes. There’s a stacked list of memorable characters and quite a bit of content to consider whether it’s the storyline or the various tournaments that come with modified matches to their own detriment. Dear.

Speaking of the plot, this time we have a campaign based on a timeline with characters from the past meeting their present. It comes out after the events of Mortal Kombat X so having some knowledge from the game would be helpful. As for the gameplay, the developers took a step back and slowed everything down a bit.

Instead of fast-paced push-button combat as you try to rank up some combo moves, this game instead puts the player in more strategic gameplay, so knowing the different moves and how Counterattack is the key here.

Injustice Series – Xbox One fighting games

Xbox One Fighting Games

Finally, we want to point out the Injustice franchise. This is the game developed by NetherRealm Studios who are responsible for the latest Mortal Kombat titles like Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. There are two games here based on DC Comics and a more brutal storyline. 

Here Superman started a tyranny after the Joker tricked him into killing his teammate, Lois Lane, but I won’t spoil anything else here. Both games are super fun and well worth playing as we get Mortal Kombat style combat but remade for different DC Comics characters.

While you don’t get the gory deaths from Mortal Kombat here, there’s still plenty of cinematic attacks, interactivity to fight around, and even a few unique opening lines between some character before appearing. 

Again, we only have two installs, and thankfully, both are great  Xbox One fighting games. While Injustice 2 launched for Xbox One, the first game Injustice: Gods Among Us can be played through backward compatibility.