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Top 3 Most WTF Moments In Video Games

WTF Moments In Video Games

There are moments in the game that break the whole reality of the setting and slap us in the face with some of the weirdest stuff we’ve ever seen. When all logic breaks and we are shocked by something completely unexpected, we are left with a WTF moment. These WTF moments in the video games are largely separate from the plot. They’re not huge revelations or spin-offs. For the purposes of our list, this isn’t about the best shocking moments in stories or even surprising ones. 

Former (CONTROL) – WTF moments in video games

WTF Moments In Video Games

One of the most shocking moments in CONTROL comes from a completely harmless source. As you explore the vast Oldest House and battle a rambling mystical force possessing and twisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you’ll enter a prison-like area filled with artifacts strangely altered. 

After meeting an agent staring at the fridge, you’ll unlock the door and come back later to investigate. This evil fridge must be dealt with, and when the heroine Jesse interacts with it, you’ll see something completely unlike anything else in the game.

The refrigerator transports Jesse into a dark space plane with the most bizarre interstellar creature in the game. A giant eye with spider-like legs falls from the sky, and if you shoot it, will start a boss battle. Okay, here’s the thing – there are no real “monsters” in this game, just transformed human enemies. 

This is the first legitimate creature from space and time that you will encounter outside the Board of Directors, which is just a giant inverted pyramid. This is also a legitimate boss fight with a boss health meter.

Quantum Moon (Outer Wilds) – WTF moments in video games

WTF Moments In Video Games

In Outer Wild, you are transported into a vast galaxy to uncover the mystery of a star that will become a supernova. You also don’t have much time to solve it – every time the star explodes, the time resets and you have another chance to figure things out. Some of these mysteries are simple, and some of the mechanics are purely thought-provoking. The Quantum Moon is probably the weirdest, one of the most WTF moments in video games discovery you’ll ever make right at the start of the game.

The quantum moon is everywhere and also nowhere. It can appear around any planet – but it will disappear when unobserved. The Moon is surrounded by a thick layer of fog that obscures your view, so if you tried to land on the Quantum Moon, it would just blink non-existent. Realizing that you have to watch it when it lands (using a camera probe) so it doesn’t move is one of those weird, unforgettable moments in Outer Wilds.

Senator Armstrong Is Insane [Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance]

WTF Moments In Video Games

The best of all WTF moments in video games. Playing through all of Metal Gear Rising is an experience – the game is chock full of Platinum Games silliness and Metal Gear Solid’s melodrama genre, but none of that prepares you for your ultimate encounter with the villain.

After hunting down each leader of the terrorist organization Desperado, you finally encounter their true leader. Senator Armstrong is an evil politician with a chip on his shoulder, endorsing his desire to start a fake chess war in the Middle East for all sorts of reasons. basically that we’ve heard before in every game/movie plot video. It’s exactly what we’ve all come to expect from action-packed stories with a hint of politics. There is no reason at this point to suspect anything else will happen.