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Top 3 New Exploration Games 2021 You Should Try

New Exploration Games

New Exploration Games

Grab your map and get ready to lose yourself in a world full of areas to explore and secrets to be revealed. 2021 has some great new exploration games coming out and here are some of our most anticipated titles for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, along with the Nintendo Switch platform.

Returnal – New Exploration Games

Returnal is one of the upcoming third-person new exploration games from developer Housemarque. The same guys responsible for games like Matterfall and Mex Machina.

Returnal players step into the role of a female cosmic pilot who finally falls on an unusual alien planet. Trapped in this strange new home, players will need to find a way out. However, this world is filled with enmeshed enemies, making it a difficult battle.

Worse still, even death is not the way out. The player will be stuck in a loop with each death bringing the player back in the first place. Not only are the players forced to restart their process, but the world itself will also constantly change. It gives players new areas to explore and fight within.

First, we might forget to mention that her memories are fading as well. Our protagonist Duo has several weapons to use against alien parasites that cross her path. She tries to pair her past and find her way back home.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The developers of Frogwares have brought several Sherlock Holmes new exploration games to the market before. This studio has a pretty solid track record for this IP. Now their next big part for the franchise is a prequel of sorts.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is taken as the origin story of Sherlock Holmes. When he begins his first big case, to find out the truth behind his mother’s death. As you can imagine, this would be a younger, more arrogant Sherlock Holmes and act faster. While he not having his companion Watson assist him on his journey.

Sherlock will need to carefully examine the area for clues along with finding out the information behind his suspects. So far, we know that there are five main missions in the campaign along with a bunch of side quests.

Likewise, this game is set in an open world where players will be able to freely explore the map. They can do it after complete the first quest. Hence, you will be able to investigate the entire city either normally or in disguise. When trying to gather enough evidence to build the case.

Horizon Forbidden West – New Exploration Games

One of the more iconic exclusive titles coming to PlayStation 4 is Horizon Zero Dawn. From its developers, Guerrilla Games has become a new, open-world action RPG that takes players into the future after the fall of humanity. Players will play as Aloy, a young woman who was banished from her tribe when she was a child.

In the game, player will go on an epic journey to explore her past. While dealing with hostile tribes and large motorized beasts. They now have taken control of the open lands. We have yet to finalize this game IP as we will get sequels for both PlayStation 4 and 5 platforms.

Horizon Forbidden West will follow Aloy on another great journey. Now, the world is in danger when a new plague spread around the world killing nature. In an attempt to save the world, Aloy must travel to the west coast. Hoping to find the source of the plague.

With Aloy plotting to new territories, players will find a wider game world to explore. Players can also expect to see more mechanical beasts alongside new hostile tribes with territories along the way.