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Top 3 New Space Games of 2021 You Should Not Miss

New Space Games

There’s never been a shortage of video games in space. In 2021, we have some exciting titles coming to market that are worth a try. Even if Kerbal Space Program 2 and the Callisto Protocol come out next year, 2022, here are some of our most anticipated new space games this year.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

New Space Games

The #3 game on the new space games list is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It drops a bit from previous video game installments. Still, it’s still a great third-person platformer that you should check out if you have a PlayStation 5. The developers, Insomniac Games have used the power of Sony’s latest console platform. 

The help of components like SSDs has allowed the studio to come up with a new mechanic. Called the Rift Tether, players can quickly move between zones or come up with brand new levels to jump through in an instant. 

Meanwhile, the story of the game is, of course, Ratchet & Clank having to rescue the galaxy once again from the likes of Doctor Nefarious. Like some of the other games on this list, we’re taking a bit of an approach because this one is set on another planet rather than entirely in space.

Halo Infinite – new space games

New Space Games

Halo is the primary video game franchise exclusive to Microsoft since the original Xbox video game console hit the market. Fans have fully embraced Halo IP as players step into the role of Master Chief, having to fight off alien foes and save humanity. Since then, the video game franchise has exploded with main installments, spin-offs, toys, comic books, and even an upcoming TV series. 

Luckily, we haven’t finished playing these Halo games yet, and it looks like we’ll be able to dive into the thrilling sequel this year. Originally, Halo Infinite was supposed to hit the market last year. However, after very upsetting gameplay footage was revealed, fans took to the Internet and expressed their disappointment at how the game looked. 343 Industries took that as a sign to stop the game from releasing in 2020 and instead focus on developing the game a little longer. 

Now it looks like we might once again step into the role of Master Chief this year, where we’ll be up against a bunch of rogue Covenants. Unlike the previous installment, players will focus more on the Master Chief, which seems to have some more weapons and abilities, such as the grappling system. Likewise, we know that the multiplayer component will be free to play, so anyone can participate in this Halo game even if they’re not in the campaign.

Everspace 2 – new space games

New Space Games

Everspace 2 is one of the new space games that will bring players a new spaceship battle RPG this year. Just like before, the game is about spaceships as you edit your vehicle before embarking on a journey full of exploration and space battles. A nice part of the game is collecting loot and getting into areas that might be too difficult for some to experiment with. 

Along the way, players will meet new friends who all have a story to tell, but it might be a bit more before we can dive into this game. For now, Everspace 2 is only available as an Early Access title. We won’t see the full game and content until 2022. However, you can start playing the game now.