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Top 3 of Best PS4 RPGs of All Time You Should Try



Who likes a good role-playing game? These titles are full of journeys for players to get into, and they often come with some incredible storylines. Every year, we all get new role-playing titles to enjoy, so now that we are moving away from the PlayStation 4 console and moving to PlayStation 5. e are reviewing our portfolio of titles already released on this platform. While there’s no exact list and each one is just an opinion, here are some of our personal picks of the best RPGs for PlayStation 4.

The Witcher 3 – RPGs

The player was able to finish off The Witcher’s trilogy when they once again entered Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher. The player must deal with the threat of Wild Hunt and the invasion of the Northern Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Geralt was also searching for Yennefer, who was walking in front of Geralt’s path. Then you of course have Ciri, who is on her own unique journey. With a slew of interesting characters and a game that still works well to this day. It’s no surprise how popular this series is.

Fans will still find a premium fantasy world full of monsters. As a Witcher, players must destroy these monsters and reap some huge bounties in return. There are also expansions that only add hours in the early hours when it comes to content for players to enjoy.

Unfortunately, this story is based on players having knowledge of the previous two seasons. If this is your first installment towards The Witcher franchise then you’ll want to take some time to Go back and see some rundowns of events before starting The Witcher 3.


Bloodborne has had great success when it was released for PlayStation 4. The player takes control of a Hunter as he travels through the gothic city of Yharnam. A site is famous for its medical advances. However, it becomes a mystery as to why the inhabitants are cursed with a blood-borne disease.

The action RPGs have received high praise from critics as well as gamers. It is similar to the Souls series. You are confronted with some tough enemies with a focus on knowing when to attack and dodge. There’s even a DLC worth joining expansion pack called The Old Hunters.

Overall, the DLC story is a slight mystery as it involves hunters of the past trapped in a world of hell.

This plot event adds some legends about Bloodborne and gives players a bit of Yharnam’s background history but more importantly. The developers have added all sorts of new weapons to the mix. There are more than ten new weapons, all carefully selected from fan interaction with developers.

Persona 5 – RPGs

Persona 5 is one of the best RPGs available on PlayStation 4. Taking place in modern Tokyo follows our protagonist moving to an academy named Shujin in a rather special incident that forces him must attend school.

Immediately after entering the school year, the protagonist along with a number of other students awakened to unique power and ability to explore Metaverse. Forming what they call the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the group seeks to change the hearts of the corrupt.

From bright colorful visuals, amazingly upbeat background music, and gameplay that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy. It is likely to be at the top of the list of multiplayer role-playing games for PlayStation 4.

Only a major flaw could cause players to stop this game and that is the duration of the campaign. Most will find that the campaign takes close to a hundred hours to complete. That may be a bit too much for some to complete in its entirety.