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Top 3 unbelievably strong generals in League of Legends version 10.13

strong generals

strong generals

There are strong generals in the League of legends. The unexpected picks below will help players have an extremely simple victory.


Not in the jungle or on the Magical Damage build, Fiddlesticks withstand the new top is the strongest play. It looks like he will be the most in the top lane. But the skill set with both Frightened and Silent of Fiddlesticks will make you extremely safe when facing 1v1 because when the opponent cannot use abilities. What is the danger when hitting and using skills on you?

As in the article explaining the previous Fiddlesticks, the champion’s complimentary entrance will be an aftershock to ensure survival from the beginning to the end of the match. The nature of Fiddlesticks is a champion with a strong team fight ability with the ability to panic many targets. You do not need too much damage but still, have a great influence on the game. Our only advice is to ban Sylas when possible, he is very strong against this scarecrow.

RAMUS – strong generals

The simple, easy-to-understand, disambiguation skill set is what can describe Rammus. So the hedgehog is extremely suitable for players who are new to the jungle or not too skilled. However, this is not a weak general, this is a strong general in the game. League of Legends is a very fast snowball game and with just ganking a few early kills, you can already decide the match and Rammus is too good at this. Because this hedgehog has a lot of control and accessibility good.

Towards the end of the game, Rammus is not completely “discarded” like other junglers. It can help you win in the late game. This hedgehog is the first choice for gamers who want to get used to the jungle position, especially at a low rank.

NOCTURNE – strong generals

It can be said that Nocturne is a strong champion and a very good choice in the middle lane if you have to face the opponent’s wizards. He has the ability to push natural troops, recover relatively well. An ability to block the enemy’s skill and E ability is very strong in dry fights. When you reach level 6, you are always faster in ganks because of the remote reach of the ultimate Paranoid.

As a counter pick, mid-lane Nocturne is not suitable for pre-selection. You will have a lot of difficulties when confronted with Zed, Yasuo, or the gunner in the mid. 

This class can accept a few skills but their ability to attack is stronger than you. So our advice is to keep an eye on your opponent and pick a champion before locking into this ghost.