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Top 4 Best Demon Video Games Of 2021 You Should Try

Demon Video Games

Demon Video Games

Devil’s scum is found in many video games. You will find video games where you are fighting against the devil or joining their ranks. However, if you’re after something new to play around with these monstrous monstrosities, we’ve got you covered. In this demon video games list, we’ll list a few titles that we think you should check out. With that said, this list is not in any particular order as they may include different styles of video games.

Demon’s Crest – demon video games

Demon Video Games

Demon’s Crest is a long-standing platformer from the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is a bit classic or maybe a hidden gem these days but it’s based on the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series. 

The player takes on the role of a demon named Firebrand who happens to get all six badges Magical effect that will grant the owner unlimited power over all lands. 

However, at the start of the game, Firebrand manages to get the best of it, which causes him to lose most of his badges and as a result, the payers are now fighting to get the badges one by one. Again. It’s an older title of demon video games list but well worth playing for years to come.

Phasmophobia – demon video games

Demon Video Games

Chances are you all know about Phasmophobia. This game is mainly based on ghosts or whatever you want to call them. Still, it’s a title worth bringing up just in case it’s subdued for you. This game has been a huge success in 2020 when the player plays the role of hunting the supernatural. 

With a host of tools for you to use in your hunt for ghosts or beasts, it’s a thrilling game to play with a group of friends. There are even some mechanics attached to the microphone for a little more immersion. If you want to scare your friends and want to clear the buildings from the terror that awaits inside then try Phasmophobia.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a thrilling game to play with a group of friends. This is a game where the player is fighting a demonic creature lurking somewhere on the vast map. 

Meanwhile, there are a bunch of other monster creatures to fight as well but the main goal is to approach the main boss against you’ve contracted to kill. From there, you will be provided with the necessary loot and forced to reach an exit point. However, the real challenge here beyond the main monster to fight is the fact that there are other groups of players chasing the same bounty treasure. 

When someone kills the monster and claims the bounty, the location of the dead monster shows up on the map of all remaining player groups. It means you will have a large group of players actively hunts down the area in hopes of finding contract killers.


Demon Video Games

Lucius is one of the demon video games that frightens children quite a bit. In this game, the player takes on the role of a quiet boy named Lucius, who is revealed to be the son of Satan. We got off to a pretty creepy start. In this game, the player will have to use the boy to go around the house and kill all the inhabitants living there. 

Coming from a rather wealthy estate, there are many characters killed in gruesome ways like locking a maid in a freezer to freeze her to death. There is a bit of a reversal when it comes to horror games since we often play the main character.