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Top 4 Best Looking Video Game Graphics Of 2021 So Far

Best Looking Video Game

Best Looking Video Game

We’re in the middle of 2021, and there are already some really cool video games released this year. Likewise, with more events and virtual streams set to take place, there is a good chance more great video games will be added in 2021 to follow. In this best looking video game list, we’ll feature some video game titles that we’ve found to be quite visually appealing.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Best Looking Video Game

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a PVE and PVP game that revolves around the Robinhood story. Here the player chooses a class and goes on robbery-style missions with the goal of stealing some treasure and escaping. 

However, as you venture around, you must destroy the guards and find the sheriff to steal your key to get the treasure. The actual process to move the treasure is also a bit tricky as you will be moving slowly but if you work with your team you should be able to get to the exit point.

There’s another team somewhere on the map that’s also dealing with different bodyguards and trying to navigate the sheriff to the treasure so you’re not just dealing with the enemy AI. This game will be in 5th place on our best looking video game list.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn is a hit-action role-playing game that appeared on the PlayStation 4 initially as an exclusive before finding its way to the PC platform. This game is set in the distant future long after humanity has fallen, leaving what is left of humanity to live among them in small tribal groups. 

Here we are following Aloy, who was banished from her tribe as a child and as a result, she embarks on a quest to find out where she belongs in a world dominated by evil spirits. We now have a new video game section in the series called Horizon Forbidden West. Once again, we play as Aloy, who has a new problem to face. 

Atomic Heart – Best Looking Video Game

Best Looking Video Game

Atomic Heart will be another action RPG that takes place in an alternate timeline of 1955. Technology has blossomed as the Soviet Union flourishes in today’s society. Here, we are tracking a mentally unstable KGB agent named P-3 who is sent to investigate a facility devoid of any activity. 

Now that players venture into the backcountry and start looking for clues, you’ll find that the area is filled with hostile robots and other enemies, making it a battle to win. controlled area. This is another visually impressive game with plenty of customization options for players when it comes to the weapon they choose.

ILL – Best Looking Video Game

Best Looking Video Game

Ill doesn’t have much information out there yet. It may very well not be released this year but the odd trailers filled with gruesome creatures have gained quite a bit of attention. Most have compared the monsters within this game with the iconic film, The Thing, with all the bodily transformations and undead threats to fight against. So far it looks like the game is not in complete production yet as the developer’s Clout Games are looking to get a publishing deal to continue the development of the project. This game is on top of the best looking video game list.