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Top 4 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games You Should Play

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

The racing genre is filled with video games and a host of new titles are constantly hitting the market. If you have a Nintendo Switch and are looking for some of the best racing video games out there then check out our list below. You’ll find that there’s something for Nintendo Switch Racing Games below, whether it’s an arcade racer, racing simulator to kart racing titles.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Over the years, Nintendo has thrived in making Mario Kart video games popular among a wide audience. To compete with Nintendo and provide a kart racer for Sony PlayStation Naughty Dog came up with Crash Team Racing. It’s basically a clone of Mario Kart but instead of a Nintendo IP-based game, we have an IP-based game of the popular platform, Crash Bandicoot.

Now years later, a remake is here. Like the original, these Nintendo Switch Racing Games remake has the same overall experience as players get a bunch of characters from the Crash Bandicoot series while having to race through a series of courses while using both boosts. The power-ups will help motivate you to join or takedown competitive racers.

Fast RMX – Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Another game that works like the F-Zero and WipeOut franchises is Fast RMX and a solid futuristic racer. This game features players controlling anti-gravity vehicles during stressful courses. Players will really get to test their skills with this high-octane video game.

Although there are only fifteen different vehicles, the game offers a number of diverse vehicle models to keep things interesting. Not to mention the image of this game is quite unbelievable. Not only do players get some stunning visuals, but the visual effects make the game feel like you’re flying down these pitches at record speed.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Another classic video game released in Horizon Chase Turbo. This is a game that works like different arcade locker racing games that you may have seen and played in the 1980s to 1990. In the game, the player has an additional muscle car and has to run Race against time or other players in a variety of exotic locations.

Again if you liked Outrun, a title we mentioned above on our list then you’ll want to give this one a try. For just $ 19.99 you can find a little bit of fun here and of course, there are multiplayer in the game. You can have up to four players racing against each other.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo has dominated the kart racing genre with the Mario Kart series. The years we’ve seen Nintendo put out new installments into the marketplace in which players take the role of different iconic Nintendo Mario characters while going through bright and colorful Nintendo-themed courses.

Players also can customize their vehicle by selecting the different body chassis, wheels, to even glider that will be attached to the vehicle when airborne. Of course, a big part of the game is power-ups and there’s a bunch of options here to either boost you ahead of the race or deliver attacks at other players nearby. It’s a thrilling game that is easy to get into and by far one of the most addicting Nintendo Switch Racing Games available today.