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Top 4 Best Survival Games To Play After Subnautica

Survival Games

Survival Games

Set in the late 22nd century, players in Subnautica step into the role of an astronaut set to explore and colonize new planets. Trapped on an underwater planet filled with creatures, some of which will be hostile to the player, gamers are free to explore the world and progress through the story. This is a popular game, and over the years, fans have been interested in IP. However, if you have completed Subnautica and are looking for some other survival games to play next then we have a few suggestions.

No Man’s Sky – survival games

Survival Games

No Man’s Sky was originally one of the highly anticipated survival games when it came out. However, when the game was released it was met with a lot of criticism. Fans are not thrilled by the game and the lack of promised content. 

Fortunately, the developers of Hello Games have turned the tables, and this is a title that is often recommended to players, especially if you were only playing the game when it was originally released. In No Man’s Sky, players are dropped into a vast universe where there are countless randomly generated planets.

Essentially, players are working together to build an atlas as you explore a planet and mark that planet into a database. Some have hostile alien predators while others may have heat or radiation problems. 

Therefore, players have to put in a lot of effort to gather resources, explore and safely leave the planet. Even so, you can build a temporary base and continue mining resources to sell for profit later. This game is still supported to this day with developers constantly adding more content to the mix.

Grounded – survival games

The base is a newer part, which we can recommend checking out. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, currently in early access. This game puts players in the role of children shrunk to the size of an ant. 

Now, in a familiar world filled with new dormitories to deal with, players are gathering resources, armor, and temporary weapons to fight off other insects or dangers together. It’s a game worth playing with friends as you try to stay alive and uncover a strange mystery. 

With that said, since this game is still in early access, you can expect a few updates to further tweak the game or add additional content for players to go through.

Far Sky

Survival Games

Far Sky is a game quite likes Subnautica. The title is one of the survival games where players get stuck in the ocean after they crash their submarine. To survive, you will have to gather resources and build a base. Likewise, you must protect yourself from harmful predators like sharks on the ocean floor. When it comes to the survival factor, you not only have to worry about the amount of oxygen, but the player also has to fish for food to keep his character from starving. All in all, this is a short survival game for one player only. Since this is only $5, it’s a good title to spend a few hours.

Subnautica: Below Zero

Survival Games

Finally, we have Subnautica: Below Zero. Chances are you know that this game already exists, and if you liked the first game then you might already be planning on jumping into this next one. However, if you happened to miss this title, here is a new Subnautica installment from the same development team, Unknown Worlds Entertainment. 

The player is currently working with an arctic region, where the goal is to find out what happened to a research station in the region that appears to be abandoned. Now you also have extreme surface environments to deal with when you’re not exploring the ocean depths.