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Top 4 Best Tower Defense Games To Play In 2021

Tower Defense Games

Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games are hugely popular and there are tons of great classics that we can go back and play today. If you’re looking to play a tower defense game and are looking for some worth-trying recommendations for both PC and console platforms, you’re in luck. In this list, we will highlight the best tower defense video games you should play this year. We have a mix of early access titles, past classic hits, to newly released games.

Sleep Tight – tower defense games

Tower Defense Games

Sleep Tight was released back in 2018 and it is a hidden gem for players who like twin shooters. This game puts the player in the role of a child who is forced to fight against a series of monsters that will invade their bedroom at night. 

This game is divided into two phases and during the day the player will be able to spend the money earned by defeating the monsters at night. Players can spend money on different turrets to wall fences that they can place around the room. Meanwhile, each night that goes on will become more and more difficult, causing players to think about how to plan to defend themselves in the future.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is a strategy and adventure game with some tower defense elements. Players will take on the role of a king trying to build a kingdom. However, you must also protect this kingdom from what the game calls Greed. They will try to break the kingdom and take it over so players always have to make sure their defenses are always ready to stop any Greed from breaking through. 

In addition to placing walls to temporarily restrain Greed, players also need to take some offensive measures. This could be anything from archers to catapults that will take down the opposition. You’ll even find that the title features cooperative gameplay as well as up to two players in this title working together to defend or build a kingdom.

Bad North – tower defense games

Tower Defense Games

With Bad North, players will take on the role of a new leader who steps into the role of a ruler after their father’s death. However, among the island kingdoms lies the paranoia about the attacks being carried out by the invading Viking kingdom. 

Therefore, players are forced to defend their small island kingdom and try to get their citizens out of the area carefully. As with most tower defense style games, players will have a variety of defenses that they can place on the island while sending their troops to attack against invading forces. 

However, this one of the tower defense games is a bit lifelike so each time you play there’s a different island to defend, which adds its own set of unique challenges about protecting the civilians of your friend’s kingdom. This title has been around since 2013 and it has been well received from critics and fans alike.

Until We Die

Tower Defense Games

Until We Die is one of the upcoming tower defense games slated for release on June 3, 2021, which makes us interested in checking out the game. Here players are following an apocalyptic world where mutants rule the land. Now to stay safe, a small community has established a base in a subway station. 

Of course, just going underground doesn’t keep civilians safe since you still have to deal with mutant attacks on a regular basis. Overall, the goal is to keep the generators safe for the community, which means building defenses, fortifying the area to keep out mutants, finding supplies, and attacking creatures that try area penetration. 

Again, we don’t have to wait long before we can dive into this game, but if you haven’t heard of Until We Die it’s a game worth watching when it hits the market this week.