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Top 5 Best PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games of 2021

PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games

PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games

There are so many games out there that it can be hard to find something to play. In this list, we’re highlighting some of the best PlayStation 4 puzzle games you can pick up and play right now. From new installments to past classics or brand new IPs, there’s something for everyone on this list.

The Swapper – PlayStation 4 puzzle games

PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games

The Swapper is a slightly unique game where the player plays an astronaut in an unusual world. To overcome this world, the player will find that reaching a certain height or jumping is too far for a human to complete alone. However, in this game, the player will have a unique tool that allows the individual to clone himself and quickly transport him to a new body. 

This will allow the player to fire off as many clones as possible to overcome a high obstacle or make a jump over a large gap simply by sacrificing their old body. It’s one of the small PlayStation 4 puzzle games that won’t take you more than five hours to complete.


PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games

Limbo is a 2D platformer that has grown in popularity pretty quickly. From the developers of Playdead, Limbo has brought players a 2D side-scroller where the player plays the role of a child trapped in a very hostile world. With a black and white aesthetic, Limbo essentially takes the player through all sorts of dangerous environments as he searches for his missing sister. 

This is a dark game as the player will constantly see the boy being killed in various gruesome ways. Whether it’s landing on spikes to be slaughtered by giant spiders, everything in this world is ready to end the player’s run. However, players will return to the checkpoint where they can learn from their past mistakes and attempt to finish the puzzle.

Inside – PlayStation 4 puzzle games

PlayStation 4 Puzzle Games

Another game from Playdead called Inside. Again, in this title, the player is given control of a boy who is in a strange astigmatism world. All kinds of hostile humans are gathering others and taking over their minds. However, our boy escaped and started the race for freedom. 

Achieving freedom is not easy and it is very similar to the way Limbo plays. There are many areas where players will fail and end up being slaughtered in terrible ways. This is a game worth picking up, especially if you like Limbo.

Little Nightmares Series

A game that isn’t Playdead but has a similar vibe is Little Nightmares. This is a game in which the player follows a little girl named Six trapped in a strange resort controlled by monstrous creatures. 

Here, Six’s goal is to escape but being such a small human in a world made for giants, it’s a daunting task. There are many puzzles to solve to reach new heights or overcome a certain creature. Therefore, this game has quite a lot of hiding abilities along with the puzzle platform. You’ll also find that the title also has a sequel although both titles are a bit more geared towards the horror genre, so you can expect some pretty unsettling moments.

The Witness – PlayStation 4 puzzle games

At the top of the PlayStation 4 puzzle games list, The Witness is a great game to pick and enjoy at random. This title places the player on an unusual island. You have no clue who you are or what you are doing on this island, but the goal is to find some clues around the island that will help regain some of the memories. It’s a game about exploration as you go to different bays with puzzles. 

There are many different puzzles here with hundreds of puzzles ready for players to solve. These puzzles start out pretty simple, but as you progress, they get harder and harder. Before long you will find that the game is quite difficult to get through but the good thing about The Witness is that you can drop one puzzle and go somewhere else to solve another puzzle in the meantime.