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Top 5 Best Relaxing Video Games For You To Enjoy

Relaxing Video Games

Relaxing Video Games

There are many different genres of games out there you can enjoy. Some games want the player to fully concentrate while others can be played casually. In this list, we are looking at more casual video games that players can participate in. These are great relaxing video games to play if you’ve always wanted something to pass.

What The Golf

Relaxing Video Games

If you’re not a golf fan but are looking for a fun mini-game to keep you busy while relaxing, What The Golf is one of the relaxing video games for you. Players will experience this game of golf where each hole throws a puzzling obstacle in their way. You might be trying to get a ball around different characters trying to kick your ball, a level that mimics the popular FPS indie game Superhot, even hitting a kid’s golfer person down a stealth-based track as you try to hold him back of the spotlight.

Rime – relaxing video games

Rime is an exploration adventure game where you play as a boy stranded on a mysterious island. Intended to reach the top of a large mountain, the player must explore the island, solve a series of different puzzles and try to uncover the secret of the protagonist’s life. 

It’s a bit like some of the other games we’ve mentioned where the good focus of the game is on the various visuals while the mechanics are a bit more background and puzzle solving. It’s also a game that won’t take you long to complete as it only takes about five hours if you’re following the main story campaign.

Everything – relaxing video games

Relaxing Video Games

Everything is one of the simulation relaxing video games that put the player in control of everything. It’s a fun game where the player starts out as an animal but as you wander around and click on another item you’ll transform into that particular item as you explore the world again. Think of it a bit like Super Mario Odyssey if you’re familiar with Nintendo’s popular platform game. 

When Mario throws his hat on another character, the player will transform into that character. It’s the same concept here as you keep roaming around the world looking for something else to control. This could be a different kind of game, but you will most likely find yourself spending a lot of hours researching this game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Animal Crossing game is generally quite fun to play. They give players the ability to build their houses, interact with the townspeople, and try to make new upgrades. In 2020, when the world is really under strict quarantine and lockdown, Animal Crossing New Horizons has provided a means for players to re-engage with their friends. 

Players around the world have joined the game as they build their islands, invite their friends to their game world, trade resources, and participate in other seasonal events. together. It is still the newest Animal Crossing game for players, and there are still quite a few players who log in daily hoping to sell or buy some useful resources with the in-game currency.

Tetris Effect – relaxing video games

Relaxing Video Games

You can’t go wrong with Tetris. It’s a title that’s been around for years and it’s incredibly simple to understand. You have a series of blocks called tetrominoes, which fall on your game board. Players simply try to place blocks so that they all connect to each other nicely. 

Once you have a full line of tetrominoes from one side of the board to the other, the line will disappear allowing the blocks to drop down until eventually your board is filled with different blocks. With Tetris Effect, the game relies on adding incredible visuals and a nice soundtrack for players to zone out while playing the game. It also started as a VR title so players could immerse themselves in the level design and soundtrack.