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Top 5 Best Xbox One Offline Co-op Games You Should Try

Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Gaming is sometimes best when enjoyed with friends. There are some great video game titles out there that offer cooperative gameplay. If you’re looking for a new title to enjoy with a friend, check out our favorite picks below. We’ll continue to update this list with new titles that we feel make for some great Xbox One offline Co-op games.


Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Cuphead, developed by StudioMDHR Entertainment, is a run and gun platform indie game. Overall, the story follows Cuphead and his brother Mugman, as they end up making a terrible bet against the devil. Losing the game, Cuphead and Mugman are forced to give their souls to the devil. But it looks like our protagonist duo might be able to save themselves if they take out the debt.

Minecraft – Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Minecraft continues to bring more gamers to enjoy the endless crafting and exploration of a randomly generated world. Video games have been around since 2011, where players are set up to exist in a pixelated block world. To do so, the game will require the player to seek out various resources while building a shelter that can protect the player from hostile enemies appearing in the world.

This not only is a fun game to enjoy at all ages, but it’s also one of the great Xbox One offline Co-op games to enjoy with even younger gamers. Most platforms now offer the ability to sign in and build or explore with a friend.

Rocket League

Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Rocket League doesn’t take long to describe. The game quickly became popular upon its release in 2015. The following year, 2016, developer Psyonix released the game for Xbox One, where its popularity remains strong to this day. Basically, Rocket League is a football title although played with fast vehicles that can launch into the air to block or hit the ball into the goal post. This game has also been released for free, so you can try it now.

Towerfall Ascension – Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

TowerFall Ascension is an offline multiplayer game. Inspired by the video game Combat, TowerFall Ascension is a fast-paced and intense combat game based on archery. Players are thrown into maps where they have to shoot at each other while collecting various power-ups all over the map. With a limited number of arrows, the player can only continue the fight by walking around the arena and collecting previously shot arrows. Again, this is one of ther particular Xbox One offline Co-op games that were created with the expectations of more players in mind than just you participating in the game.

Rayman Legends

Xbox One Offline Co-op Games

Rayman is back with the Rayman Legends version. This time, Rayman and his friends discover mysterious paintings that have transported them into a new mythical world. To get home, Rayman and his group of colleagues must jump, run, and traverse each world.

What makes this a fun game especially for offline multiplayer is that Rayman Legends features a four-player co-op. At any point in the game, three other friends can join the campaign seamlessly, or even have a bunch of different challenge-based modes. On top of that, there are plenty of Rayman Origins levels that stand out with improved visuals.