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Top 5 Crafting Games of All Time You Can Miss

Crafting Games

There are all kinds of great games that focus on the creativity and intelligence of the players. In this list, we will highlight some of the best crafting games you can play right now. These are games where the player must gather resources, tweak or combine them to create something new. So whether it’s crafting structures, weapons, armor, medical supplies, or traps, you’ll need to think about what resources to gather and how to use them for the current situation.

Terraria – Crafting Games

Crafting Games

On the surface, Terraria and Minecraft are somewhat different, but there are specific similarities between the two. For example, it features exploration, crafting, building, and combat. However, it is a 2D-based procedurally generated paced action game. 

If you like sandbox games, chances are you’ve played through a bit of Terraria. Similar to Minecraft, there is a lot of freedom to craft items. You will craft everything from armor, weapons, furniture to decorations. Even though it was released back in 2011, this game is well maintained. It has some solid gaming experiences and continues to find new people regularly.

Space Engineers

Space Engineer is exactly what it sounds like. Your whole experience is just surviving many different space explorations. However, the game mainly revolves around construction. You’ll gather resources, build new structures, ships, and outposts, all just to venture further into new areas. If you need some resources, you can dismantle previously unused structures. 

The developers have also added programmable blocks to execute certain tasks if you find the standard building blocks to be limited. Best of all, while you can play this game alone, there is a multiplayer mode and up to sixteen players can connect to help discover various unknown wonders, hunt for resources, or create a new utopia.

Rimworld – Crafting Games

If you like a narrative, then Rimworld is one of the crafting games worth trying. This is a game where the player is monitoring colonists on a planet. What makes this title a bit unique is that the game features random events and you’ll essentially be watching how your colonists react. However, you do have some insight into the story to some extent. 

Players will choose a narrator from the start, determining which narrator of your choice can create more chaotic moments or provide longer breaks between different events. While the focus is more on seeing how your colonists react and build rapport, there are some crafting elements. 

From structures to clothing to weapons, you’ll be able to set up your colonists with anything the game throws at them. Even so, you also need to make sure you have settlers spending time researching to improve your crafting.


Crafting Games

Factorio has been around for a few years now, but it won’t be until 2020 that the game gets early access. This is a construction and management video game. Set in the future, players are building an automated factory inside an alien planet. You will have to start by manually building production lines to harvest resources from the planet and transport goods. 

However, you will find that eventually, you will be able to create a huge industrial empire fully automated. Unfortunately, it’s not all about building a relentless industrial empire. Instead, the local hostile creatures on the planet will try to destroy your production line after your industry begins to wreak havoc on the planet. As a result, players will need to make sure defenses are available for any potential attacks against your creation.

Minecraft – Crafting Games

Crafting Games

Minecraft, we might not have to explain this one of the crafting games to you or spend a lot of time here. This survival game takes the player into a randomly generated world. From there, you’re left to explore, adventure through different biomes, hunt for resources, build shelters, and fend off hordes of enemies that come your way. There are two modes available to players in this game. 

Survival mode requires players to figure out what resources to collect to craft certain items. From there, it’s all about expanding, creating farmland, building additional structures, and mining for more valuable underground resources. You will also find that enemies like skeletons, spiders, and zombies will attack you. Furthermore, you have to make sure that your character is fed otherwise you may lose health over time. 

Meanwhile, the creative mode allows players to not have to worry about mobs or their hunger. Here you also have all the items for spawning available. It may remove the challenge, but it gives players the ability to build creatively from the ground up.