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Top 5 top lane champions that cannot be ignored in version 10.15

The best Top lane champions in League of Legends

The best Top lane champions in League of Legends

Besides choosing your favorite cards, gamers should also take advantage of the generals that are being appreciated in the current updated version. Here are the top 5 top lane champions that players cannot ignore in the League of legends.

The best Top lane champions in League of Legends
The best Top lane champions in League of Legends

MALPHITES – top lane champions

Top lane champions – Malphites

Malphites in particular and best in top lane champions, in general, will be a lot more priority when the gunner is picked more because they are the most effective counter cards despite the meta and opponents. Malphite has always been a safe pick, due to its inherent stamina and an easy-to-use ult, capable of causing mutations in teamfights. That is why he has been promoted recently with a reliable win rate of 51% and a pick rate of 6%.


Top lane champions – Camille

Perhaps the top carry like Camille is designed to boost strength and take over the game in the later stages. This champion possesses one of the ultimate abilities capable of completely isolating an enemy and their teammates at the touch of a button. This factor makes Camille the top choice among top laners today and allows her to dominate the late game and easily win in a volatile meta. With a 52.79% win rate and 11.10% win rate, it is obvious that Camille is showing her strength in the new version of League of Legends.


Top lane champions - Renekton
Top lane champions – Renekton

A near-perfect champion for the top lane position because Renekton has high mobility, stable output damage, and the buffalo needed to sustain in the fight thanks to the ultimate Crocodile Spirit. In addition, Renekton also has the ability to block roads early and can often control everything in his area, ensuring to always be ahead of the opponent. Therefore, if it is not possible to rake Renekton, even if there is a forest to gank, it is difficult to defeat this crocodile. Currently, the champion has a pick rate of over 8% and a win rate of 51%.

DARIUS – top lane champions

Top lane champions - Darius
Top lane champions – Darius

Thanks to his good resilience and the discomfort that comes from the exchange of skills, Darius can easily control his area once confronted with champions who fight almost gladiators or block. Even when on the road with long-term champions or skilled long-range, Darius also proved active thanks to E can pull enemies into his attack range. Darius’s pick is 7.5% and the win rate is up to 53%.


Top lane champions - Modekaiser
Top lane champions – Modekaiser

Needless to say, this champion becomes extremely powerful in a duel with any champion thanks to his internal Darkness Darkness, making it difficult for the target to escape his pursuit. With the ability to heal proactively at will, this is one of the rare generals not afraid of the Deep Wound effect while traveling by Mordekaiser wait until the effect ends and heal. In addition, once the prey has been captured into the Kingdom of Death, he has everything he can to defeat the weak generals. Possessing superior healing and tremendous damage from the Destroyer skill, Mordekaiser will make every general tremble. Currently, the champion has a 9% pick rate and a 50% win rate.